Ganeshan R.- Suva, Fiji Islands

As I went around my daily business, I was under the impression that whatever I did in life might give me peace and happiness. But many years ago, I heard through a friend of mine about a person widely known as Maharaji who talked about life force as a source of peace and happiness that resides within and can be experienced. The idea that I could practically turn inside of myself instead of just feeling the outside world sounded very interesting. I pursued the message and received the practical techniques from Maharaji on how to go within to experience a simple feeling. I experience that this environment within me is where a stable and consistent feeling of peace resides. Now I realize that I do what I need to do for whatever reasons in my life. The things I do may provide their own forms of limited happiness, but there exists within me a simple place full of feeling of constant peace— a practical experience. I can tap into that reservoir of simplicity anytime I feel I want to. It feels really good every time I turn within, experience the feeling, and continue with my daily chores and activities associated with my family, my job at a university, my social engagements, etc. I still need to handle the issues, responsibilities, problems, etc. in my daily life, yet the feeling of being at ease inside remains. I acknowledge that it is with the kindness of Maharaji that I was given the gift of the method to go within which he calls Knowledge. I am thankful to him. He continues to help me understand this Knowledge better each time I get an opportunity to listen to his message. It is a lot of fun and feels good.

— Ganeshan R.
Suva, Fiji Islands

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