Helen B.- Perth, Australia

It was December 1981 when I first became interested in Maharaji’s teaching and Knowledge. That year had been the most difficult one of my life. My husband had been admitted to hospital in February with a ruptured aneurysm in his brain. The operation to tie off the aneurysm went badly, and my husband became severely disabled. Our two sons were young and still in school. I was advised that my husband should be admitted to a nursing home after nine months of unsuccessful rehabilitation.

It was at this point that a work colleague invited me to a presentation about Maharaji. Three people spoke about Maharaji, and I remember being touched by their comments and by a feeling of wellbeing. The following week I saw a video of Maharaji. This was a turning point for me. Many times during that year I had observed life-threatening situations. These experiences had made me reevaluate my own life. I didn’t want any artificiality in it.

Upon hearing Maharaji speak for the first time through that video, I was struck by the devastating logic of his words. I say ‘devastating logic’ not in a pejorative sense but in a positive sense. He cut through artificiality/superficiality to what was real. I wanted that in my life. Here was a man who could help me.

So my journey began. I was taught the techniques of Knowledge in September 1982. The practice of Knowledge keeps me grounded in what is really important in life. My appreciation continues to grow; it cannot be quantified. Maharaji gave me the tools to mine the treasure of my own life so that it is a continuous adventure. For this, I am truly grateful. It is like being given a second chance at living.

As for my husband, I decided not to take the advice of the medical team. I brought him home, and he is still alive and mobile twenty years later.

— Helen B.
Perth, Australia

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