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I was so inspired by reading the stories of so many people. So, I am giving it a try myself...

How can one begin to express so much? Whatever is in my heart only I know.

Almost 20 years have passed since that day when I heard from the mouth of a girl in front of a small audience about an experience that I had been looking for for so long. I had read so many books, looked everywhere for a love, a real love, and I was such a sceptic by then. Still, the recognition was instantaneous and yet I had to open up so much, had to let go of so much pain and disappointment so much pride and fear to be able to be free enough to accept Knowledge in my life.

For all my life until that day, I secretly knew that my life would be amazing. That something incredible was supposed to happen. I am sure that everybody will recognize that feeling: that you are special, one of a kind, and that somehow, sometime, something will reveal itself. And so it did...

That process that started so long ago is still unfolding. Through the ups and downs, successes and failures, joyful moments and terrifying ones, one thing has never changed: the thirst to know, to accept life, to be at peace, to be thankful.

Of all these feelings the one I cherish most is the recognition of the friend inside. So close, so real, so sincere, so much in my favor, so full of compassion and accepting me as I am. Always. For that feeling I am so grateful to Maharaji.

The seed that he planted has grown and the flowers and fruits of this small tree give me so much pleasure and fills me with thankfulness. What can I say?

I just pray to keep my self open enough to keep accepting, to keep going back to that feeling, and keep in touch with Maharaji so he can keep that feeling fresh, actual, real. He is such an inspiration.

In the last few years, the growth has been so beautiful. I know that I have still so much to accept and I look forward to the many opportunities that are opening up for me so I can get accept more. Accept more of this life, accept more from Maharaji.

At the end of the day, this is my journey and I am alone in it. Only what I know, I know. Only what I feel, I feel.

Thank you, Maharaji. You are the most wonderful friend and teacher.

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