Jean Paul B.- Marseilles, France

I was a student, working on my Ph.D. in Paris, France when I heard about Knowledge and Maharaji. I became interested and listened. What I heard was really refreshing. The two persons who spoke about Prem Rawat and Knowledge were genuinely happy. It clearly seemed to me that they had found something uniquely profound and satisfying. I became immediately interested, and soon thereafter received the techniques of Knowledge. It was the beginning of the discovery of another realm, of another world inside of myself that immediately brought me a lot of joy. I remember meeting a friend a couple of days later, and as soon as she opened the door, she said, “What’s happening? You look so happy. Are you in love?”

Knowledge is for me a shelter within, an ever-present place of peace and tranquility. In my life, there has definitely been a “before Knowledge” and “after.” Knowledge has become such an intrinsic part of my life that I would have a difficult time imagining how life could be without it. I have been given a powerful way to appreciate and enjoy my life and to not get caught in my daily routines. Knowledge is there for me, always.

What I find extremely beneficial for me is the inspiration that Maharaji gives me whenever I get a chance to listen to him, be it live or on video. After more than thirty years, I am still impressed by his capacity to talk about the same topic with new words and different perspectives. Sometimes he says something and it clicks for me, and later I realize he had said it long ago, but this time had used new wording that helped me understand better. I benefit a lot from listening to what he says. Even though I enjoy seeing him in person, I enjoy even more hearing his words, because I know from my own experience that whatever he says is very helpful for me, that it helps me grow my understanding of my own life.

— Jean Paul B.
Marseilles, France

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