Jing-chuan L.- Taiwan

When I was young, I looked for Chinese fairies, because they were supposed to be immortal, happy, and able to help people all the time. Later, I searched for the truth of life from science and religion. I longed for something real and lasting, and I would still be searching if I hadn’t heard the message of Prem Rawat (Maharaji). His words touched me so deeply that my heart filled up with joy and happiness, and I knew that I wanted to become his student. Then I learned the techniques of Knowledge.

The experience of Knowledge is so profound and concrete; it brings me through the gap between mortal and immortal, unknown and known. I couldn't get to that place by myself— I really needed a teacher to guide me and help me all the way.

I am so fortunate and so grateful; all my longings from my young age have come true. Now I enjoy practicing Knowledge, being a student, learning from Maharaji, and sharing his message with my friends. And I enjoy my life. I feel complete and safe in the experience that has been shown to me— not in a fairy tale, but in my daily life.

— Jing-chuan L.
Hualien, Taiwan

What people say

Millions of people have been touched by Prem Rawat's message of inner Peace and contentment. He addresses people from various walks of life. Whether he speaks to uneducated farmers in remote villages in India or to business leaders and government officials, his message remains same and directed to each individual. Expression from people in different walks of life, inspired by the message of Prem Rawat: