Katrina T.- New Zealand

Katrina T.- New Zealand

Before I knew about Knowledge, my life was fine, but I did wonder whether there was more— something unique. Then, when I heard about Knowledge, I felt something inside that was wonderful. It was this feeling that led me to want to listen more and finally to ask for and receive the techniques of Knowledge.

The practice of Knowledge takes priority in my life, because it makes such a difference in how I feel. This motivates me to make time for it each day. Nothing else comes close. For me, it gives my life meaning in such an incredible way. I had always thought that there must be something like this that is unique to human beings.

To experience Knowledge has made my life worthwhile in such a special way. Nothing else comes close at all. It really is my truest friend.

Without Maharaji, none of this enjoyment would be possible. Everything I need to keep going is provided by him— encouragement, inspiration, and so much more. I am truly grateful for that.

— Katrina T.
New Zealand

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