Lilian W.- Ecuador

I heard about Maharaji and Knowledge for the first time thirty years ago in a small square in Sydney, Australia— quite far from my hometown in Ecuador. He was only a 13 or 14 year-old boy at that time, and I was 17. I couldn’t imagine what such a young boy could do for me, so I did not accept the invitation to hear more about him.

Nine years later, back in Ecuador, I heard about him again. At that time, I wanted so much something real in my life. I was feeling empty and sad. Listening to Maharaji started to fill my heart with hope, love, clarity, and joy. Learning the techniques of Knowledge has made an incredible difference in my life.

Sometimes I compare myself with people I know who are much more “successful” than I in many ways, and for some seconds I have thought, “What if somebody were to offer me all the things they have and more, but not to have met Maharaji and received his Knowledge?” And the answer is very clear: “No way! No thank you!” The possibility of not having Knowledge is not acceptable anymore. I know all those other things would be there, and I suppose I would enjoy them for a while, but inside I would be very empty.

What I have received and keep receiving from Maharaji and from his teachings are always so positive: love, courage, understanding, faith, strength, equilibrium, joy, hope, and company— all the best.

— Lilian W.

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