Ole G.- Copenhagen- Denmark

Practicing the simple techniques of Knowledge takes me aback with a feeling of life that comes from within myself. I instantly knew this feeling to be true when I learned the techniques thirty years ago. I knew it was not a feeling of my own ego, not a feeling generated by anyone else or anything else, but simply the feeling of life.

It became the core of my existence. And Maharaji became a very dear friend who told me again and again that I am full of joy. The hardest thing to be convinced about: that I am full of joy! But the proof was in the practice of the techniques.

I sit down and use the techniques nearly every day. I know they work. I have witnessed it thousands of times. Yet, I am a busy person living in a busy world. I work as a writer for newspapers and sometimes I write books. To experience, I have to sometimes muster the effort to kiss the world goodbye and go within myself. When some of the days I neglect that possibility, I find myself frustrated and constantly thinking, probably like everyone else in this world.

But Maharaji has been there, through the years, sometimes ruthlessly— and always humorously— hammering away at every concept and idea in my head, so I can wake up and smell the reality. But most times just very sweetly reminding me of the possibility of enjoying my existence.

I know that without him I would never have been able to proceed with Knowledge. And without Knowledge I would not be able to learn so much from him about the art of living.

It has turned out to be a never-ending saga about a never-ending experience.

— Ole G.
Copenhagen, Denmark

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