Perla U.- Santiago de Chile, Chile

I could not have had better luck in life than to have gotten to know Maharaji. I could never have found anything more beautiful than what he has shown me, and I appreciate it even more because I realize that it isn't a common experience to have in life.

I'm married, with children, have a good career, and my being is fulfilled, free, and joyful. I can feel the beauty within that Maharaji has shown me at every moment of my life, giving me the happiness I always dreamed of and a profound feeling of what life itself is. I can see that each person is just like me, with a deep longing to feel love and to know the truth. Because of that, I find great satisfaction in telling others about the opportunity Maharaji offers.

— Perla U.
Santiago de Chile, Chile

What people say

Millions of people have been touched by Prem Rawat's message of inner Peace and contentment. He addresses people from various walks of life. Whether he speaks to uneducated farmers in remote villages in India or to business leaders and government officials, his message remains same and directed to each individual. Expression from people in different walks of life, inspired by the message of Prem Rawat: