Soomunt B.- Port Louis, Mauritius

I first heard about Maharaji and Knowledge when I was in India studying for my degree in Science in the early 80’s. It was my brother studying in France who sent me a magazine and two audiocassettes containing addresses that Maharaji had given in America and Europe.

Having been brought up in an orthodox Hindu family, I had read many of the Hindi scriptures, had been on pilgrimages to most of the holy places in India, and met many sages, sadhus, and saints. After I had flipped through a few pages of the magazine, in which there were large colored pictures of Maharaji dressed in a suit and tie, sunglasses etc., my very first impression was that he could not be a master, because he did not fit my concept. I put the magazine in a corner. Nevertheless, I listened to the two tapes. And what I heard made perfect sense at some very basic level. There was not a single sentence uttered by Maharaji that my heart could resent. Everything he said, my heart absorbed. Then I went very carefully through the magazine. And what I read touched something very deep in my heart. Again and again and again, I listened to the tapes and read the magazine. I knew from that day that I had found what my heart desired the most.

It’s only since Maharaji came into my life that I started really appreciating this existence. The understanding and clarity that come when I listen to him and the serenity and fulfillment that I experience when I practice Knowledge have made a difference in my life. I feel contentment despite the ups and downs, despite the problems and obligations. He revealed to me the sanctuary inside where I can find solace, comfort, love, peace, and tranquility.

— Soomunt B.

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