Vitro O.- Lisbon, Portugal

There I was in front of the birthday cake ready to blow the candles. I was supposed to make three wishes. It was my fourteenth birthday. I could wish to be rich. I could wish a certain girl to fall in love with me. And so it went. At some point it was too much. There was nothing I could wish for that would bring me happiness for sure. Happiness! The thought was like a light in a dark room: “I want to be happy!”

I became an adult, with all that goes with it: a wife, a daughter, a house, a car, a job, good moments, not so good moments, etc. Happiness was not an issue.

In 1977, when I received the techniques of Knowledge, a new dimension opened, a feeling of completeness. It didn’t take the place of my family and friends. It addressed a part of me I could never share with anyone.

Some years later in an event with Prem Rawat, I heard him talk about helping me fulfill a promise I had made to myself, a long time ago, to be happy. In that moment I realized that a wish from the depths of my memory had been answered.

— Vitor O.
Lisbon, Portugal

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