Prem Rawat at UNIPAZ- International University for Peace, Brazil

Prem Rawat was made an Ambassador for Peace by Pierre Weil, the rector of the International University of Peace. Pierre Weil received the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 2000. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. He has authored the classic book The Art of Living in Peace.

Prem Rawat, known also as Maharaji, was invited to deliver a keynote address at the International Festival of Peace held at Unipaz, the International University of Peace, in Florianopolis, Brazil. Unipaz aims to build a culture of peace.
Prem Rawat Maharaji at UNIPAZ - International University for Peace, Brazil

Thanking Prem Rawat, Rector Pierre Weil said: “On behalf of the University of Peace, I grant you the title of Ambassador for Peace. You don’t need a certificate, because your mission is to help people find where peace is, to help open a spring of peace in their hearts. But many people need to know who the Ambassadors for Peace are, they need to know whom to look for, search for—that is why we are giving you the title of Ambassador for Peace.”

Welcoming Prem Rawat, Vice-Rector Roberto Crema said: “We welcome Prem Rawat’s presence as one of the greatest representatives of the peace movement in the world. More than his ideas, his actions are the concrete expression of a world of peace that we can know now.”

Unipaz is one of three universities of peace, along with the UN University in Tokyo and the University for Peace in Costa Rica. It was born in 1986, inspired by the UNESCO Charter that states that wars begin inside of human beings and that it is within people that the defenses for peace need to be built. It has campuses in 12 cities in Brazil, as well as branches in Portugal, France, Belgium, the UK, Argentina, and Ecuador. Unipaz has been honored for its original approach to peace education and for training leaders to have a new consciousness that allows them to serve with a global vision as well as care for local needs.

The activities of the six-day Festival of Peace were webcast internationally. More than 15,000 people watched the proceedings, and more than 1,000 attended the event in person each day.

One attendee said, “I appreciate his humanitarian efforts. I also understand that what he says about peace is of fundamental importance. I am glad that he could be with us in Florianopolis.”

A person in Venezuela who watched the broadcast said, “Thank you for the opportunity to watch Prem Rawat’s presentation in this expressive event in University of Peace. Listening to him was a gift.”

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