Kaye M- Brisbane, Australia

I received Knowledge when I was in my twenties. It was a very special time of my life. My only fear was that I would lose interest in this, like I eventually did with every other pursuit.

Now, over twenty years later, I can only say I am absolutely astonished, in awe, and humbled, that I can feel so “alive” and be experiencing so much fulfillment and joy in my life!

During this same time-period I have gone through many transitions. But at the very core of my being, one thing hasn’t changed. There has always been a quest to know about life— not all the things I am doing with my life, but life itself.

Maharaji has helped me recognize that there is something so simple and yet so profound about being alive. He has helped me get in touch with my thirst. When I feel this beautiful and exquisite thirst, the passion awakens within me to want to go deeper, to feel the depth of longing, and to feel so connected to what really matters to me.

The highlight for me is to hear Maharaji speak about this subject. He brings such clarity and inspiration. He speaks to my heart. He addresses my thirst.

I hope Maharaji will make himself more known so that many other people can benefit from the experience as I have.

— Kaye M.
Brisbane, Australia

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