Martin W.- London, United Kingdom

Stillness. That’s what Maharaji has shown me. The stillness of the forest, the stillness of the mountain peak. But within myself. He took me on a journey beyond the snowdrifts of language, across the tundra of thought, through the oceans of imagination, across the moonscapes of emotion, to a place of eternal stillness on the other side, deep within my being, a place where I truly know who I am. A place where nothing else exists. Just me. It feels so good to have that quiet place away from everything else where, without words, without thoughts, I can communicate with myself and enjoy my real nature.

Without external aid, he gave me clues, hints, rationale and guidance, and his path of Knowledge turned out to be exactly that.

— Martin W.
London, England, UK

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Millions of people have been touched by Prem Rawat's message of inner Peace and contentment. He addresses people from various walks of life. Whether he speaks to uneducated farmers in remote villages in India or to business leaders and government officials, his message remains same and directed to each individual. Expression from people in different walks of life, inspired by the message of Prem Rawat: