Bryan K.Regina- Saskatchewan, Canada

Before I connected with Maharaji, I viewed hope as a rogue experience put inside me either by some malignant God or the stresses of evolution. I had it, but it frustrated me no end. I tended to view people, including myself, as inadequate and the whole human enterprise as a failure.

Despite this outlook, I would find myself, at the oddest times, lighting up for no reason with a childlike enthusiasm. How could I experience something so spectacularly hopeful? There was a terrible chasm running right down my middle.

I can’t say that Knowledge has healed the rift. I’m the same person I always was. But it has made it possible for me to bridge the chasm, to acknowledge what was at the source of that enthusiasm for life I had been so frustrated with. In Knowledge, evidence exists on the other side— that hope can be fulfilled.

— Bryan K.Regina
Saskatchewan, Canada

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