Friedhelm B.- Germany

Knowledge for me is a practical way to feel secure and centered within. It is a possibility to experience life and to witness a sense of inner growing. Life becomes worthwhile in itself. A sense of urgency exists to get rid of frustration and boredom and to replace them with inner fulfillment.

Before being shown this experience, I was having a great time in England. I had a well-paid and interesting job, enough leisure time, and a nice girl friend. Everything was really fine. I still remember one evening sitting in a pizzeria, enjoying, and yet feeling an inner ache as if something were telling me: “This can’t be it. You are squandering away your time and your youth.”

When I received the techniques of Knowledge, I felt really exalted. Here was something worthwhile to explore. Here was a teacher, Maharaji, not only giving me these techniques, but also helping me on this way with his inspiring speeches and his own example. The only thing that bothered me was the thought: “This is too easy! I should have come upon this by myself.”

Before Knowledge, I had looked for freedom by changing my address at least once a year, moving from town to town within Germany, France, and England. The sense of excitement and freshness it gave me withered the more I did it.

Now I have found a way to the constant “new.” The more I get to it, the fresher and better it gets. Life seems to come alive.

— Friedhelm B.

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