Sylvie G.- Buenos Aires, Argentina

After high school I wanted to study almost everything. Finally, I started math where I thought I would be able to find infinity, and anthropology to learn about being human.

A year later— after stating that, though I didn’t know what I was looking for, I was going to recognize it once I found it— I took a ship to Europe leaving everything behind, joined a group of people and went to Morocco and became fascinated with their culture. I started to feel that, after all, there was something common within everybody. I kept on traveling for a year and somewhere heard about a young boy called Maharaji.

Finally, I met a couple of guys who spoke about someone who had shown them a way to go within. It made sense. Not their words, but the feeling. The feeling became dearest to my heart. It was like pushing a restart button. Maharaji showed me an inner compass.

I feel very fortunate. I still get lost in the jungle of this world, but it doesn’t take too long to remember that I can use my inner compass and come back to reality. Reality has become the sweetest answer.

Though he spoke to me personally only once, I consider Maharaji my closest friend and my reminder.

— Sylvie G.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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