film role,Prem Rawat,quote
film role,Prem Rawat,quote

Change the film. That is what is important.
The miracle, the peace, the most beautiful film is waiting
to be threaded onto this projector so that it can be shown.
And it is not a story of desperation, trauma, drama,
and what is lacking in the world.
A lot of people look at what is lacking.
Next time you see a forest ask yourself,
What is that forest about?”
It is about the seed that germinated,
not the seed that did not germinate.
No forest carries a little sign that says,
Here lies the seed that didn’t come along.”
That’s history. Life is about the seeds that germinated.
You are about what works, not what doesn’t work.
Learn to measure this existence with what you have,
not with what you don’t have.
-Prem Rawat