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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - What is the identity of a master?
Title: What is the identity of a master?
Description: How do people recognize Gurus these days? By the Tilak, by the hair, by Kurta, Mala and all. Guru can't be recognized by all these things, or his body. He can only be recognized by his 'Tatva Gyaan'- the knowledge he offers.
Duration: 03:03 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Pyaar ka naata
Title: Pyaar ka naata
Description: The topic for which I've come to talk about, is already inside of us. People around the world search for it. But I've come to tell you that what we are looking for, is not separate from us. And if we want to know the truth and find it, then the answer lies within. Whether I look for it on mountains, or around me, it will always be with me. And if I recognize, then there is no limit to the possibilities in my life.

What comes in this body? In this body comes Breath! And it is no ordinary thing. If you don't understand the value of this breath, then try buying one. It cannot be for sale, and the whole wealth of this world can't buy it. And it comes easy for free. And with every breath comes life. With every breath comes a wish to fulfill our life- To experience the supreme joy! A wave with breath to live in supreme joy in every moment of my life. I cannot love chaos, sadness, doubt and discomfort. This is not my nature.

What is the possibility in my life. That I can experience the supreme joy in my life. So did I experience peace, or is it so rare for me that very very occasionally it comes, and as it comes it flies away. This is not peace. Peace is not an ideal. Recently I was in Salamanca university in Spain, and the dean before me said "Peace is a good ideal", and when I came to podium i said "Peace is within everyone's heart." Why have we come here? And I'm not talking of this hall. We've come here to fulfill our life. This is what I say wherever I go. Dig such a well that whenever you drop the bucket, you get it full of fresh water. I know only one thing that I'm alive now. And everything else is speculation. I'm only talking of what I can experience.

Duration: 21:50 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - This is about you
Title: This is about you
Description: This is about you. Not about your family. Not about your country. Not about your city or village. It is about you and only you. About the person in whose body the breath comes. What has been said about that? In every heart, my lord resides; None has been left without. Blessed is that heart in which he manifests.
Duration: 03:02 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Is Parmanand just a word or an experience?
Title: Is Parmanand just a word or an experience?
Description: There are two things that call out to you: Your heart, and your mind.
There has been calling from the heart, and you need to recognize that. People get more into naming it. What lies in the name? If I call by any other name, will it stop shining for me? Whatever name I use to call the creator, it won't make a difference. The nature doesn't care about the name.
In my life 'parmanand' is not just a theory. It is experience for me. In your life too 'parmanand' shouldn't be just a word; you have experience of parmanand. There's a been a lot about the word. It's time for experience now.

I'm talking about the thing which keeps going on in you, whether you're happy, or whether you're sad. It goes regardless of everything else. What is it?
He Ram, tere naam ka mujhko aadhar hai
Andhe ko jaise laakdi
Tan ka sahaar hai

When sadness comes in people's life, they need support. There are a lot of people who tell how to prevent sadness. But master says "Sadness will come anyways."
Nanak Dukhiya sub sansara
Sukhiya kewal naam adhaara

Will it rain? Yes it will. If not today, tomorrow! And when it happens, will you have the umbrella or not? If you've the umbrella, you won't get wet. I'm referring rain to sadness. The day you will have to get wet, you'll pin-point and blame everyone for your sadness. You won't even spare God. But you'll be the real reason for the situation.

Duration: 41:30 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Events around the globe in first half of 2009
Title: Events around the globe in first half of 2009
Description: Following is a list of some of Maharaji's events which happened in the first half of 2009.
  • 23rd January, Miami, America
  • 3rd February, Agregento, Argentina
  • 5th February, Mazra, Italy
  • 5th February, Sicily, Italy
  • 11th,12th February, Tel Aviv, Isreael
  • 15th February, Barcelona, Spain
  • 8th March, New Delhi, India
  • 15th March, Hardoi, India
  • 17th March, Mirzapur, India
  • 22nd March, Navada, India
  • 25th March, Ranchi, India
  • 29th March, Gazipur, India
  • 4th April, Jaipur, India
  • 7th,8th April, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • 10th April, Dhanding, Nepal
  • 19th April, Pineg, Malaysia
  • 19th, 20th April, Kapala Batas, Malaysia
  • 3rd May, Melbourne, Australia
  • 5th May, Sydney, Australia
  • 9th May, Auckland, Newzealand
  • 19th May, Tokyo, Japan
  • 23rd May, Tainan, Taiwan
  • 27th May, Hong Kong, China
  • 28th May, Osaka, Japan
  • 3rd July, Potenza, Italy
  • 5th July, Rome, Italy
  • 7th July, Vienna, Australia

Duration: 06:28 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Prem se koi aata hai
Title: Prem se koi aata hai
Description: This video is an excerpt from one of his events at Delhi, India in 2008.
The creator has given you everything. The creator has given you everything that you need, everything that you require. We don't have the means to extract nectar from flowers like the honeybees. Human beings can go to the moon, but if we want honey, we need the bees.

In this human body that we have, there is a desire to have joy, bliss. And there is no limit to how much joy we can receive.

Duration: 16:07 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Event at Kurukshetra- 18th October 2008
Title: Event at Kurukshetra- 18th October 2008
Description: This event was held at Kurukshetra, Uttar Pradesh on 18th October 2008. Maharaji says that we are so fortunate to have this life. God created human beings, he gave us eyes so that we could see this beautiful world. But we human beings forget that we have been given such a precious gift.
Duration: 25:09 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Maharaji at Jaipur, 16th November 2008
Title: Maharaji at Jaipur, 16th November 2008
Description: This event was held in Jaipur on 16th November 2008. Maharaji says that his words are not mere words, but an experience. We have our own way of looking at things in our life. If one sees with the eyes of religion then he will see whatever religion has taught him. But if, one sees with his heart and with true benevolence, then only will he see the true god himself.
Duration: 44:44 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Maharaji at Jaipur, 2009
Title: Maharaji at Jaipur, 2009
Description: This event was held in Jaipur in 2009. Maharaji says, "This breath which we take is a blessing of god. Still we are not satisfied with this divine blessing and ask god for more and more. We have one right, and that is to feel the peace, which lies within our heart."
Duration: 46:22 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Kisaan- The Farmer
Title: Kisaan- The Farmer
Description: Something or the else will definitely grow on earth. Plough the field, give water, do not plant the seeds. Something will definitely grow. But the fact is whatever grows on this field, will not be worth eating. What does a farmer do? He knows something or the else will definitely grow. And he knows, that it will be good if whatever grows first, is eatable. He gives water and removes the things which are not worth eating. You too, are a farmer, and your life is the field. And this breath is the plow, moving. And definitely something will grow in this field. Life is moving on, nobody can stop it. Time comes and goes, and it will come and go. No one can stop time. The same way, this breath comes and goes. And the biggest thing is that you are alive. Understand this, in your life.
Duration: 04:53 min

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