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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Ghat ghat mora saiyan
Title: Ghat ghat mora saiyan
Ghat ghat mora saiyan
suni saij na koye
Balihari us ghat ki
jis ghat pragat hoye
while translates to The Creator dwells in every heart. And that heart is blessed in whom he has manifested.
Duration: 34:33 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Quoting from sanskrit scripture
Title: Quoting from sanskrit scripture
Description: There is a saying
Maal mulakh ki kaun chalawe
Jab nahi chale shareer
People take so much pride in their country, in their flag. But if this body doesn't work then what good is all other things?
This is the drop because of which your ocean exists. All the rivers of your life exist. When the master comes and tells you about this drop, you doubt him! "Can this drop form a river?" Forget the river, this drop is the reason for the ocean to exist.
Mukta fale ki kim pakchi nancha
(No use of putting pearl in front of the bird)
Misthan paanam kim gardha vanam
(No use of putting dessert in front of donkey)
andhe swadeepo, vridhe sudhana
(No use of putting lamp in front of blind, and playing music to deaf)
murkha sastra katha prasanga
(Same is plight of explaining to an idiot)
You ask people where are they going. "Oh we're going for katha (traditional story-telling). Ramayan katha". So who will listen to your story? Have you ever been to your own katha. What is written in Ramayana?
Bade bhagya maanush tan paava
sur-durlabh sat granthan gaava
saadhan dham moksh ka dwara
payein na jahin parlok sawara
A true master will tell your story to you. People go to famous astrologers. But what has all saints said, that nobody is willing to listen to. This is just one sided command- Just fulfill my dream, that's all. I don't want listen to what you say "Don't get entangled in the web of this world.". We don't want to listen to all this, just fulfill what I'm asking for!

It is very important for you that you stay happy, in joy! That's why we named God as "Sat chit anand". Sat (Truth)- It's is within you. Chit (consciousness)- is within you as well. Anand (Bliss)- Where the creator is present, how can bliss not be there!

Duration: 08:45 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Youth express their gratitude towards Maharaji
Title: Youth express their gratitude towards Maharaji
Description: Youth from various parts of India and abroad express their love and gratitude towards Maharaji.
They express on how Maharaji is able to connect to each and every individual irrespective of the social or philosophical background. Clip has been compiled from people in different parts of country who have benefited from his message.
Duration: 05:51 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Pyaar ka naata
Title: Pyaar ka naata
Description: The topic for which I've come to talk about, is already inside of us. People around the world search for it. But I've come to tell you that what we are looking for, is not separate from us. And if we want to know the truth and find it, then the answer lies within. Whether I look for it on mountains, or around me, it will always be with me. And if I recognize, then there is no limit to the possibilities in my life.

What comes in this body? In this body comes Breath! And it is no ordinary thing. If you don't understand the value of this breath, then try buying one. It cannot be for sale, and the whole wealth of this world can't buy it. And it comes easy for free. And with every breath comes life. With every breath comes a wish to fulfill our life- To experience the supreme joy! A wave with breath to live in supreme joy in every moment of my life. I cannot love chaos, sadness, doubt and discomfort. This is not my nature.

What is the possibility in my life. That I can experience the supreme joy in my life. So did I experience peace, or is it so rare for me that very very occasionally it comes, and as it comes it flies away. This is not peace. Peace is not an ideal. Recently I was in Salamanca university in Spain, and the dean before me said "Peace is a good ideal", and when I came to podium i said "Peace is within everyone's heart." Why have we come here? And I'm not talking of this hall. We've come here to fulfill our life. This is what I say wherever I go. Dig such a well that whenever you drop the bucket, you get it full of fresh water. I know only one thing that I'm alive now. And everything else is speculation. I'm only talking of what I can experience.

Duration: 21:50 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Millions of years ago on this planet
Title: Millions of years ago on this planet
Description: There is this whole world. You're alive. You live on this planet. What is this planed made of? Dirt, nothing else. What is the true? What is a lie? It can all be understood with one connection. And that connection is with the master. Because the true teacher not only explains, but he also allows you to experience what he talks about.
There was a time when this earth did not exist. Dust came together to form this earth. And here on this earth, we've all heard many stories. About 5,000 years back, 6,000 years back. But do you know what had happened millions of years ago on this planet? Millions of years ago, human beings did not rule this earth. There were huge, and you have no idea how huge! Huge creatures walking around shaking the earth. They were the rulers. How big were their teeth? One tooth as big as you're. Just one tooth! And those animals ruled this planet not for 1,000 years, or 5,000 years; they ruled for millions of years. What remains of them today? Just bones. And of those that evolved, they're alive today but they're now smaller. Why am I telling you all this? Because it has relation to the master as well.

Watch to learn further.
Duration: 18:43 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Event at Ranchi- March 2009
Title: Event at Ranchi- March 2009
Description: This event was held at Ranchi in Jharkhand, during Maharaji’s India tour.
Duration: 41:29 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Sansar- The Universe
Title: Sansar- The Universe
Description: All the joy and and sorrow there are in this universe. Beyond all these joys and sorrows there is another universe in which there is a different kind of joy and sorrow. That universe in unique and that universe is within you. Now people will question and reason that joy and sorrow is in that universe also? Shouldn't that universe only have joy and have no sorrow? But no, in that universe also there is one sorrow and there is one joy. What is that sorrow? Not attaining that joy, in that universe, that universe of the heart, is the greatest sorrow. Not having attained that peace that is present within you. To the heart there is no greater sorrow than that. For it, the heart cries. That know it, agree with it. The heart has nothing to do with the issues and things on the outside. The heart has only one agenda. It needs peace. And this peace is not mere words.
Duration: 04:34 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - The story of Two Monks
Title: The story of Two Monks
Description: Two monks were one day traveling. They saw a woman drowning. They were both akin to mahatmas- head shaven, in saffron clothes. One said that we have to save the drowning woman. The other said no, you are not to even touch the woman.
The first jumped in the water, carried the woman on his shoulders and placed her out on the side. The other said, "Oh my god! You touched the woman, your religion is ruined, you are going to hell. We are going to the Master - I''m going to tell him all that you have done."
Traveling and traveling, after six hours they reached the ashram.

Upon reaching the ashram, they paid respects to the Master and the other instantly started telling the Master about the incidence, that the first touched a woman "she was drowning, he should have let her drown, wasn’t a big deal - what kind of a mahatma is he?" The Master smiled and asked the first, "Did you truly jump in the water?" The first replied, "Yes I did." The master asked, "How long did it take you to bring the woman out of the water onto the land?" The first replied, "It would have taken two minutes." The Master asked, "And how long did it take you to get here from the place of incidence?" The first replied, "It took six hours."

The Master turned to the other and said, "He had only touched the woman for two minutes. You, however, are carrying her in your heart for six hours! So who is the sinner? Him, who you allege, or yourself? He had let go in two minutes but you didn’t for six hours and still are not willing to let go!"
Duration: 06:12 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Ye samay bhi jayega
Title: Ye samay bhi jayega
Description: There was a King who wanted to get some quote to be written on his ring, which when he sees it, either makes him happy, or sad.
Here was a man (A fakir) who wanted to understand and learn. He went to a place and asked localities if he can get shelter and food. People told him to go to a sahukar (businessman) who lives nearby who can take care of him.
This sahukar took good care of the fakir. So when fakir was leaving, he blessed the sahukar to be prosperous.
To this, sahukar said
"Ye bhi ek din jayega"
(This day will go as well)
Fakir kept thinking about what he said, but couldn't comprehend.
After many years, Fakir went back to that sahukar's place, but got to know that he's bankrupt and now works under another sahukar. He still went to the poor guy, and was surprised to get good service from him again.
Fakir, while leaving blessed again, and the response was same from the poor man
"Ye samay bhi jayega jayega"
After few years when Fakir went to see him, he was rich again. This time sahukar explained "All sorts of time goes by. I was rich and you blessed, but still I became poor; when I was poor, time went by, and I became rich again. Now I'm an old man and all I can say is, this time will go as well."
After few years when fakir returned, he saw the sahukar had died, and there was his tombstone with epitaph
"Ye samay bhi Jayega!"
So when the fakir heard of the king's proclamation, he went and told the king, "Put this on your ring- This time will go as well! When you are sad, you'll be happy to read it. When you're happy, it might make you sad. Nevertheless, it will be true!"
Duration: 07:03 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Interacting with people in Vadodara, Gujarat
Title: Interacting with people in Vadodara, Gujarat
Description: Sub log saaru chhe? Maharaji starts with greeting in Gujarati.
He talks about the real blessing.
Congratulations, that you've boarded in train of this life. Congratulations that this breath came! This is the real blessing. people go to ask for various things from God. They don't ask for breath, and still he gives. And what you need to do? Accept it. What's the consequence? Joy. Everyone talks about the good and bad deeds, no one talks about life.

Practice knowledge with consciousness. This is real Knowledge. It works. There are many here, who received knowledge recently. They get the doubt whether they're practicing correctly or not. Don't worry about that.

I gift this knowledge for human being's sake. People out of their faith say I'm God. If I was God, why would I talk to you? But I've come here. I can speak, can hear, can talk to you. What do you need?
I'm human, you're human; I can understand when you say you've physical pain. I don't say "What is pain?". I understand your happiness and I also understand your sorrows. And I can do something about them. Atleast I can bring happiness in your life. And many a times, I can take away your sorrows as well. I do as far as I can. And I do. And I can bring true happiness in your life. This is the relationship between you and me.

Video ends with joyful expression of a person in Gujarati, to which Maharaji replies in Gujarati as well.
Duration: 07:41 min

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