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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Is ghat andar
Title: Is ghat andar
Is ghat andar baag bageeche!
Isi mein sehjan haara!!

Is ghat andar saat samandar!
Isi mein nau lakh taara!!

Is ghat andar parasmoti!
Isi mein parkhan haara!!

Is ghat andar anhad garze!
Isi mein uthat phuwara!!

Kehat kabir suno bhai saadho!
Isi mein saain hamara!!

In this heart dwells the garden, dwells the creator. In this heart dwells all the ocean, and the 9 million stars! The diamond and the jeweller to understand the importance also resides within. The diving music and the fountain is within as well. Kabir says "listen my good friend, my lord resides in this same heart of mine!"
Duration: 30:09 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Computer, and the three Termites
Title: Computer, and the three Termites
Description: There was a time when computers were not available to public. When it first came, I bought one. At that time computer didn't have the screen either. You had to buy that separately. There was no concept of packaged software. A thick book would come with the computer. And you'll have to write the software yourself for getting the task done. It was meant to save time. Did it? Nope. Reading the book, going through the code, debugging it. It used to eat up all the time.
And today, the software comes packaged, and you don't need to do all those stuffs. Just install it, waste even more of your time! On one side the world tells you, it saves your time. you just follow the trend.

The termites dwell in you, and making you hollow. People have such an imagination of happiness. To have a beautiful family, and to have dinner together. But what happens when there's a fight? If people listen to your hopes, you're a Shake Chilli (an unrealistic Indian Character). There are three types of termites consuming you day and night. How would you get rid of them?

Watch to learn further.
Duration: 06:15 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Ek Boond
Title: Ek Boond
Description: What power does a drop of water have? If someone puts a drop of water on your hand and tells you that it has the power to annihilate a mountain! It has the power to sweep away thousands and thousands of people. It has the power to bring electricity to cities and villages. It has the power to feed mankind.
What does this drop want? The drop wants just one thing- it wants to go back and merge with the ocean. The day this drop would merge with the ocean, it would no longer be a drop. You too have to merge with the ocean one day. You are the drop and you want to merge with the ocean.

Duration: 12:08 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - My Words are Not Empty
Title: My Words are Not Empty
Description: Maharaji talks in Indira Gandhi Stadium, about his message. He talks of Peace that can be felt amidst Prison, or in the middle of the battle field. After a short address, biography of his work is composed. For people not knowing hindi, this video is in pure hindi, and has no subtitles, so you may click something below! :)
Duration: 07:15 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Recognize your breath
Title: Recognize your breath
Because till today. the breath was strange to you
Befriend your breath
because where so ever you go, it will come
whichever door you close
it will continue coming
and the day it stops coming
that day, you too will become a stranger to yourself
What do you understand about friendship?
If there is a friendship in this world then it is
because this breath resonates in you
If there are awards on your wall
then it is because this breath resonates in you
Today if you are called an erudite person
then it is because this breath resonates in you
and if your business is gargantuan then it is
because this breath resonates in you
and the day it ceases to come
there will neither be any awards
nor will anyone come to congratulate you
But what so ever is happening
in this world
it is because, this breath comes and goes
Recognize this breath!

Duration: 01:50 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Event at Kurukshetra- 18th October 2008
Title: Event at Kurukshetra- 18th October 2008
Description: This event was held at Kurukshetra, Uttar Pradesh on 18th October 2008. Maharaji says that we are so fortunate to have this life. God created human beings, he gave us eyes so that we could see this beautiful world. But we human beings forget that we have been given such a precious gift.
Duration: 25:09 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Event at Navada- March 2009
Title: Event at Navada- March 2009
Description: This event was held at a district called Navada in Bihar, India in March 2009. Maharaji says,
"There is a lot to say. In this world if you ask people about "Self Knowledge" then people say that they do not have time for all this in their lives. They have only 3 things to do in their lives, "Earn", "Eat" and "Enjoy". I also say the same thing. "Earn", "Eat" and "Enjoy." But what should you "Earn"? Earn the wealth of the true name, of the true knowledge and eat the same in this life. And then enjoy, because the enjoyment hidden in this knowledge is such that you will not find it anywhere else."
Duration: 45:01 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Event at Ghazipur, India in 2009
Title: Event at Ghazipur, India in 2009
Description: Today, we all have gathered here to listen, and I have come here to convey. I will speak and you listen, and try to understand. Because if you can understand what I am trying to say, I say truly that your life will change. Whatever questions you had in your life will turn into answers. Whatever troubles or confusions you have will evaporate. So, what is it, on understanding which, ones life can change so much? And this is not about religion, I have not come here to promote any religion. It is about you.
Duration: 14:47 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - 3D animated anecdote: Bhola
Title: 3D animated anecdote: Bhola
Description: Interesting animation story of Bhola, a farmer. Story revolves around Bhola's village Apnapur, where he would need to light up his stove every morning but never did he realize the actual technique. Some things, very basic and very obvious in our life, goes unnoticed and uncared. We seldom care for each breath that comes as priceless gift to us, while we are busy with other logics. The most obvious way to reach peace is always in front of us, but because of the complexity that we build around ourself, we can't understand it.
Duration: 03:37 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Yeh Avsar- This Opportunity
Title: Yeh Avsar- This Opportunity
Description: You too are a farmer and this time that you have been given is your farm and I ask you, O' farmer, what have you sown in this farm? When will your crop be ready? When will you take your harvest home and when will you fulfill your real hunger? Real hunger with which a human can find peace.
You need peace, as much as you need to eat, just as you need to sleep. As you need water, you need peace just as much. Without peace you can remain alive, but you cant live in tranquility.

Duration: 05:05 min

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