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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Pokhra, Nepal- 2014
Title: Pokhra, Nepal- 2014
Description: There was an archer who used to showcase his skill town to town. He would shoot arrows after arrow in the center of the mark. Once he went to a village to perform. As people gasped in praise, a guy at the back, with a huge can of oil on his shoulder, would just say "Oh, that's just a matter of practice".
At the end of the show, archer caught, "What matter of practice do you keep talking of?" The oil-business man took out a coin from his pocket. The coin had a hole in it. He pours the whole of the oil through the hole of the coin without dripping a single drop outside. He looks up to archer, "Can you do this? I practice pouring oil, I'm expert in my field. You practice archery and you've mastered that."
And I've come to ask you, What do you practice?

Duration: 05:34 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - East Champaran, Bihar- 2014
Title: East Champaran, Bihar- 2014
Description: Do you know who you are? I will tell you. Water doesn't have any shape. Air, doesn't have any color. but when both of them meet, they become cloud. Not forever; it keeps changing. But for sometime, it is cloud. And the drop will change the land where it falls.
Duration: 05:10 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Bharatpur, Rajasthan- 2014
Title: Bharatpur, Rajasthan- 2014
Description: What is today, and what is tomorrow? Do you know how you're fooled in this world? Do you live today for tomorrow? If ever tomorrow comes, it'll come as today.
Where are hopes rested on? Tomorrow!
What do you worry about? Tomorrow.
What will finally come? Today.
You will live your whole life as today.

Duration: 06:01 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Baran, Rajasthan- 2014
Title: Baran, Rajasthan- 2014
Description: It is obvious- there must be some power which created this Sun. Because of some power, there are all these trees and plants, this Earth rotates, moon exists. But why does human still argue the existence of this power? You'll have to grasp it through your heart, not through your mind.
Tu tu karta tumbh hai
mujhme rahi na hoon
vaari tere naam par
jit dekhun tit tu

Duration: 06:44 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Nalanda, Bihar- 2014
Title: Nalanda, Bihar- 2014
Description: Have you seen a honeybee? What does it do? It has a tool and a skill- To go to a flower and extract nectar out of it. You can't do that.
When you look at the flower, you only see flower as a sweet scented stuff. Do you also think that this flower holds honey inside it? Honeybee has different eyes, and it sees flower as a source of honey.
Why did I use this analogy? Because I can also give you the virtue of that honeybee.
Kabira khada bazaar mein
sabki maange khair
naa kahu se dosti, na kahu se bair!

Duration: 05:54 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Kathmandu, Nepal- 2014
Title: Kathmandu, Nepal- 2014
Description: To the person who is in peace, he has everything inspite of having nothing. If you're not in peace, you won't get proper sleep, you won't be able to enjoy anything in your life. Do you think hunger is only requirement for having food? No, peace is needed too. People who are restless, often don't eat even if they're hungry- they say, "I'm not in mood"!
Mann ke bahaut tarang hain
chhin chhin badle soye
Ek hi rang mein jo rahe
aisa birla koye!

Duration: 04:54 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Ek Boond
Title: Ek Boond
Description: What power does a drop of water have? If someone puts a drop of water on your hand and tells you that it has the power to annihilate a mountain! It has the power to sweep away thousands and thousands of people. It has the power to bring electricity to cities and villages. It has the power to feed mankind.
What does this drop want? The drop wants just one thing- it wants to go back and merge with the ocean. The day this drop would merge with the ocean, it would no longer be a drop. You too have to merge with the ocean one day. You are the drop and you want to merge with the ocean.

Duration: 12:08 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Interacting with people in Mirzapur, India
Title: Interacting with people in Mirzapur, India
Description: Person: Since the time I've practiced Knowledge, my life has changed a lot. I feel so much joy that I can't even imagine it.
To keep my health good, I do yoga as well. And I also practice Knowledge. I do both.

Maharaji: That's why it is called 'Raj-Yog'- The king of all knowledge. People want to stay fit and live longer. There are some people who want to put more days in their life. And there are some people who want achieve a life of enjoyment in whatever they have. I talk to doctors a lot, and I ask them whether they can stop death? They say no. I say then you should tell people to enjoy life to fullest. And you know, if you enjoy then you wont get a lot of diseases anyways. Most of the diseases are borne by tension.
Practice knowledge, and enjoy it.

Person: From the day I receive knowledge, I feel my life has transformed beautifully. Recently I gave exam and I felt you helped me with the papers.
Maharaji: Did you pass as well? haha. Good, enjoy life. In life, you get good times, as well as bad times. In good times, remember why it is there. In bad times, then you need inner strength. You need to feel that this time will go as well. For paper, whether you gave the exam or me; i think you gave the paper. All I do, is in your thinking. You listened to me, and you worked hard. And the paper went well.

Few years back even I gave exam for Pilot's license exam. Though I've over 12,000 hours of flying experience, I had to give the exam as well. So I got all the books and prepared, and because of that I passed with 100/100! Not without hardwork. The room where I was studying had the picture of Shri Maharaji (my master). But it was not that I sat in front of him and asked him to pass me in the exam. No. Work hard.

If you feel you're poor. Work hard and you'll get.
If you want happiness in your life, work on it and you will get it.
You will get it surely!

Duration: 05:45 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Yeh Avsar- This Opportunity
Title: Yeh Avsar- This Opportunity
Description: You too are a farmer and this time that you have been given is your farm and I ask you, O' farmer, what have you sown in this farm? When will your crop be ready? When will you take your harvest home and when will you fulfill your real hunger? Real hunger with which a human can find peace.
You need peace, as much as you need to eat, just as you need to sleep. As you need water, you need peace just as much. Without peace you can remain alive, but you cant live in tranquility.

Duration: 05:05 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Events of 2008
Title: Events of 2008
Description: "Welcome to the party of life" Maharaji traveled round the globe just like any other year since 1971. He did 78 events in 40 cities of 18 countries. This is compilation video of some of the events he spoke in, with hindi captions
Duration: 08:06 min

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