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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Mitrata
Title: Mitrata
Description: A person finds himself alone in times of sadness. He doesn't feel near to anyone. God says, even in your darkest our, I'm with you.
Know the one that is residing within you. If you do so, empty handed you came, but you don't need to go empty handed. If you do so, you did come alone, but you'll have a companion when you leave.
Duration: 02:51 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Subkuch tumhare paas hai
Title: Subkuch tumhare paas hai
Description: We should think on how to fulfill this life. Unfortunately, not many people think this way. People ponder on success. But if you already have achieved success and haven't realized it, how will you actually perceive success?
People ask for blessings from God. But if you don't accept the blessing you've already been given, then how will you ever prosper?
Duration: 04:07 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Shanti sambhav hai
Title: Shanti sambhav hai
Description: People pray for good job, good husband/wife, good kids. Their ulterior aim is to be in peace. We just never realize that.
I've come to say this- peace is orthogonal to all the situations in your life. You fulfill all your responibilities in whichever you want. But their is one personal responsibility to your own self. This is your personal venture- Have peace in this life!
Duration: 04:57 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Manzil- destination
Title: Manzil- destination
Description: If you don't know your destination, then even the most knowlegeable person won't be able to help you reach it. People will tell you, "I can show the way, but you need to tell where you wanna go!"

I do two things:
1) First I remind you about your destination.
When you remember "oh yeah that's where I want to go"
2) Then I tell you on how to reach your destination.
Both things are important. If you're looking for such a person, then here I am!
Duration: 03:48 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - The technology of breath
Title: The technology of breath
Description: You've learned to ask, but did you learn to accept what you've already been given? Because if you don't know, then it's your biggest weakness.
What respect do you have for this breath that is going in and out of you? The day you were born, it was of utmost importance that you breathe. If you din't, you'ld have been buried or cremated. This breath is the only thing that keeps you from shroud!
Duration: 06:27 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Khilona Maati ka
Title: Khilona Maati ka
Description: The creator has done a miracle- the dust that doesn't move, animates. The dirt started to thinking. Do you know what's the first thing this dirt thought? That I'm not dirt.
There comes a time when the dirt goes back to dirt. The day it begins to happen, you know the reality.
Duration: 04:04 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Ek Boond
Title: Ek Boond
Description: What power does a drop of water have? If someone puts a drop of water on your hand and tells you that it has the power to annihilate a mountain! It has the power to sweep away thousands and thousands of people. It has the power to bring electricity to cities and villages. It has the power to feed mankind.
What does this drop want? The drop wants just one thing- it wants to go back and merge with the ocean. The day this drop would merge with the ocean, it would no longer be a drop. You too have to merge with the ocean one day. You are the drop and you want to merge with the ocean.

Duration: 12:08 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Aaj- Today
Title: Aaj- Today
Description: Coming and going from this world - is like the waves come and go. This is your life. There was darkness before sunrise, and there will be, after sunset. But this day that you've got - what will you do today? Because this life is today. In this life of today, will come afternoon and then the dusk, and thenn the sun will slowly set.
Duration: 01:36 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Kyunki tum manushya ho
Title: Kyunki tum manushya ho
Description: Who are you? You are alive and you are a human being, that is all. If you want to enjoy the process of self-discovery you need to have the thirst. There is no one in this world who does not want peace.
Duration: 10:49 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Sukh- Happiness
Title: Sukh- Happiness
Description: What is real happiness? Some want happiness of job, family, kid, or different things. It's mind that creates'em, "would be awesome if it was this way, and that way!".
Do you also dream like this? If you do, then you're sleeping. I've come to awaken you. All you concentration runs in all directions. And I've the tool to take your concentration and put it back to focus inside of you.
You can see everything but if you want to see your own self, you need a mirror. I've brought the mirror. What will you see in this mirror? You'll see what you truly are. I can make you meet your reality. Where is it? Inside of you!
Duration: 03:29 min

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