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Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Ek Boond
Title: Ek Boond
Description: What power does a drop of water have? If someone puts a drop of water on your hand and tells you that it has the power to annihilate a mountain! It has the power to sweep away thousands and thousands of people. It has the power to bring electricity to cities and villages. It has the power to feed mankind.
What does this drop want? The drop wants just one thing- it wants to go back and merge with the ocean. The day this drop would merge with the ocean, it would no longer be a drop. You too have to merge with the ocean one day. You are the drop and you want to merge with the ocean.

Duration: 12:08 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Kyunki tum manushya ho
Title: Kyunki tum manushya ho
Description: Who are you? You are alive and you are a human being, that is all. If you want to enjoy the process of self-discovery you need to have the thirst. There is no one in this world who does not want peace.
Duration: 10:49 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Aaj- Today
Title: Aaj- Today
Description: Coming and going from this world - is like the waves come and go. This is your life. There was darkness before sunrise, and there will be, after sunset. But this day that you've got - what will you do today? Because this life is today. In this life of today, will come afternoon and then the dusk, and thenn the sun will slowly set.
Duration: 01:36 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Kya shanti sambhav hai?
Title: Kya shanti sambhav hai?
Description: People pray for good job, good husband/wife, good kids. Their ulterior aim is to be in peace. We just never realize that.
I've come to say this- peace is orthogonal to all the situations in your life. You fulfill all your responibilities in whichever you want. But their is one personal responsibility to your own self. This is your personal venture- Have peace in this life!
Duration: 06:39 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Youth Peace Fest 2014
Title: Youth Peace Fest 2014
Description: In your life, try accepting that thing which is inside of you. I take this all across the world. What's the message?
That what you're looking for, is inside of you.
I don't just say it. If you want to experience peace, I can make it possible for you.
People say if it is so good, then give it now. But the point is, it is already inside of you. Then how do I give? You don't search for peace, you realize that you're human and hence it is inside of you. If you want to protect yourself from all the problems that you come across, then your foundation should be strong.
Duration: 06:27 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Do you accept the Miracle in you?
Title: Do you accept the Miracle in you?
Description: If you want to know the Miracle, then it is in this breath. Where it comes from, and where does it go? You can't gift it anyone, or take it from anyone. But did you accept this Miracle in your life? Not somebody's else's life, but in your life. Did the meet the God who created his temple in your heart. What did you get today? What were the possibilities for today? Of all the possibilities, you had the possibility to feel that peace inside of you and save this day. If the blessing continues, then it will come tomorrow as well.
Karat karat Abhyaas ke
Jadmati hoat sujan
Rassi Awat jaat se
sil par padat nisaan
Are you also practicing everyday to make your life a success?
Is ghat andar paras-moti
Isi mein parkhan haara
Whether the God is truly within you? the one to recognize so, is also within you

Duration: 03:42 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Youth express their gratitude towards Maharaji
Title: Youth express their gratitude towards Maharaji
Description: Youth from various parts of India and abroad express their love and gratitude towards Maharaji.
They express on how Maharaji is able to connect to each and every individual irrespective of the social or philosophical background. Clip has been compiled from people in different parts of country who have benefited from his message.
Duration: 05:51 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Jeevan ki baat
Title: Jeevan ki baat
Description: We've got this human body, this life. If we look inside, what it comprises, they are a few. We have thirst within us which compels us to quench it. A thirst that coerces us to fulfill this life and feel that supreme joy. This breath is coming and going and all these wishes to make this life a success. If we look outside, there are wishes in this world too. Society teaches you how to leave and what you should do. I don't preach on how you should live your life. But at-least take care about your life. A farmer knows where the water would come from. So when the time comes, he will expect the water to come from that source. If there is a well in field, then he will know where it is. He has a relation with the well. So that whenever he needs water, he will use that well. In your life too you will need to put water in your field. What kind of water? Water of truth.

All worldly things can entertain you, but can't give you the real thing. What is the real thing? One that cannot be fathomed with head. It is in the realm of feeling. What is the experience in your life. What is reality in your life. If you ask in this world, on what is reality. Some may say God is real. If you ask where is God, they will point up. What is your experience? Where is God, the real God? Let me tell you, He is within you. The real God which you can experience in reality is within you. Not on the sides, not in imagination, not make-belief, in reality.

Duration: 19:44 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - What is yours?
Title: What is yours?
Description: If your son ran away from home, will you feel sad or not? You will.
But that sorrow will also end. People pray to God...
I remember, I have said this before too, that people go to God and what do they pray for? Whatever pain they have, they take all of this pain and suffering and pray to God.

But they don't pray to God saying, "My heart also has a pain, God. And it is not the pain of my son, daughter, business, wife, husband, job, or country. The pain is of not knowing you until today."

Do you understand this pain? People don't understand this pain.
Atam gyan bina nar bhatke, kya mathura, kya kashi
(without self-knowledge, a human being wanders to various places, be it Mathura or kashi)
Mrig-naabhi mein hai kasturi, ban ban fire udaasi
(In the same was as the musk lies in the navel of the musk-deer)
Paani mein meen piyasi, mohe sun sun aawe haansi
(The fish is thirsty in the water. Each time I hear this, it makes me laugh.)
Without self-knowledge, without knowing yourself, there is nothing. Whatever there is, it is not there because of whatever yours, is not actually yours.
The one that resides in your heart, is your own! The breath, which just came into you- this is your own. That which you've put in your pocket is not really own.
Have you understood this or not?

Duration: 03:41 min
Prem Rawat - Maharaji - Computer, and the three Termites
Title: Computer, and the three Termites
Description: There was a time when computers were not available to public. When it first came, I bought one. At that time computer didn't have the screen either. You had to buy that separately. There was no concept of packaged software. A thick book would come with the computer. And you'll have to write the software yourself for getting the task done. It was meant to save time. Did it? Nope. Reading the book, going through the code, debugging it. It used to eat up all the time.
And today, the software comes packaged, and you don't need to do all those stuffs. Just install it, waste even more of your time! On one side the world tells you, it saves your time. you just follow the trend.

The termites dwell in you, and making you hollow. People have such an imagination of happiness. To have a beautiful family, and to have dinner together. But what happens when there's a fight? If people listen to your hopes, you're a Shake Chilli (an unrealistic Indian Character). There are three types of termites consuming you day and night. How would you get rid of them?

Watch to learn further.
Duration: 06:15 min

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