quote- macro
quote- macro

What I have to say is really quite simple because it deals with every individual.
Recently, I was going for a walk, and I found myself in the midst of some really tall buildings.
And it hit me that what I see is a massive building, but what is it?
I see the face of it, the windows, the decorations, but what is this building?
I sometimes forget that a building is standing on a foundation that I can’t see because it is buried.
Only when something like an earthquake happens does my attention even go toward the foundation, hoping that it will stand.
I also forget that, however tall this building is, it is built of blocks, of components that are much, much smaller than the building.
And the integrity of the building actually relies on the integrity of those far smaller components.
When we talk about peace, it isn’t any different.
We look at the world.
We see huge nations, countries, cities.
What we forget is that all these countries are actually built on little components called human beings.
We are the components.
And the integrity of each country depends upon the integrity of the individual components.
We talk about countries.
What we don’t talk about is people.
But if a person does not have peace in their life, whatever they are trying to achieve will never succeed.
- Prem Rawat