Prem Rawat - Maharaji

“For those who wish to make peace a reality in their life, I offer inspiration and guidance. What I offer people is not just talk, but a way to go inside and savor the peace that is within. I call it Knowledge.”

“The journey of Knowledge is a journey of self-discovery.
What Knowledge makes possible is an enjoyment of life that is independent of circumstances. It is a way to connect to the experience of the self that lies within. Knowledge consists of four techniques that enable a person to turn their attention from the outside to the inside.

It is not imagination or visualization. It is a practical way to focus within to access what is already there. For those who wish to make this journey, I offer to help them prepare to learn the techniques of Knowledge, and I provide ongoing inspiration and guidance for a lifetime of enjoyment.”

The techniques of Knowledge are taught free of charge without regard to a person’s gender, economic or social status, sexual preference, lifestyle, race, religious or ethnic background.

A few questions related to knowledge »

Q: Does this have something to do with religion, a spiritual path, or a philosophy?
A: Knowledge is a practical way of experiencing peace within. It is not related to any philosophy, belief system, or spiritual path. It is independent of any religion.

Q: Is Knowledge a solution to problems?
A: Knowledge does not remove or resolve problems; it enables a person to go inside and find the peace that resides within. Knowledge also does not provide or replace medical diagnosis or treatment for physical or mental medical issues.

Q: Is this Knowledge difficult to learn?
A: The techniques are simple to practice and can be learned by anyone. To reap the fruits of Knowledge requires commitment and a sustained effort.

Q: If I am interested in this Knowledge, what will be asked of me, and will I have to change my lifestyle or join something?
A: All that is involved is to learn more about the message and what is offered, develop your own understanding, and decide for yourself if it is something you truly wish to pursue. Knowledge is independent of a person’s lifestyle. Pursuing this Knowledge is an individual, personal journey. There is no group or organization to join.

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