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This week's Premium Channel release: “Peace Is a Priority”

[Fri, 18 Jul 2014]

Short clip from “Peace Is a Priority” (Prem Rawat in Lisbon, Portugal)

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This week's Premium Channel release: “Prem Rawat Answers Students’ Questions in Taiwan”

[Fri, 11 Jul 2014]

Short clip from “Prem Rawat Answers Students’ Questions in Taiwan”

If you'd like to watch the full thing, you can purchase the streaming episode here or download the episode through the online store.

All proceeds from Words of Peace sales are used to support our efforts to share Prem Rawat’s message of peace.

Two Job opportunities - Global Sales Manager & Communications Assistant

[Wed, 09 Jul 2014]

Dust off your Skype interview skills! We're hiring. Two exciting, new full-time job opportunities have opened up at WOPG for a Global Sales Manager and a Communications Assistant. Find out more about these roles and download the job descriptions on our careers page. The closing date for receiving applications is the 31st July 2014.

2014 — One in a million

[Tue, 08 Jul 2014]

In the first four months of 2014, Prem Rawat’s work has had a huge impact. Here’s a recap.

India and Nepal

After beginning the year with events in the US and Europe, Prem Rawat went on a two and a half month tour of Asia. During that time nearly one million people had the opportunity to hear him in person.

Of nine events held in India, one was particularly groundbreaking: Youth Peace Fest. The festival was held to foster a culture of peace and featured a range of live music performers, videos, and speakers — including keynote speaker Prem Rawat. It was attended by over 185,000 people, with an estimated reach of 6.5 million through TV, radio, online publications and newspapers.

Here’s a picture from the event's stage showing people almost as far as the eye can see.


A vast crowd at Youth Peace Fest, New Delhi

Youth Peace Fest was covered widely, with 32 media outlets attending. The Times of India, the largest English-speaking newspaper in the world, sponsored the event through their humanitarian foundation.

The people at Times Foundation were so impressed by Youth Peace Fest that they offered to sponsor all of Prem Rawat’s events through the following year.

More Youth Peace Fests are planned, internationally, for the latter half of 2014 and early 2015. It's expected that thousands of young people will attend in Brazil, Thailand and Malaysia.

Here’s the news clip on Times Now, the TV news reporting channel of Times of India.

bamboo_magazine.pngTV and Magazine Interviews

Prem Rawat has already been interviewed on three major TV channels in Nepal, Malaysia and Taiwan. Each of these interviews lasted for about 45 minutes.

The Nepali interview aired on 7th April, while the Malaysian and Taiwanese programmes aired in June. It’s estimated that these interviews reached 3.5 million people worldwide.

Prem Rawat also provided an interview to Bamboo Magazine, a Brazilian architectural publication, on the theme of the inner and outer home. The article contained a Portuguese translation of Prem’s video response to this topic. You can read the full transcript of the article here.

Fireside with Bhusan Dahal — Kathmandu, Nepal

Kantipur TV defines itself as the leading television station of Nepal, broadcasting across the country as well as abroad. Its flagship programme, Fireside, features interviews conducted by the channel's Executive Director Bhusan Dahal. Widely considered to be the top interviewer in Nepal, Bhusan has become a household name there and turned Fireside into the country's premiere talk show.

On 18th March in Kathmandu, Bhusan Dahal and Prem Rawat met for an in-depth conversation. It’s an excellent exploration of Prem Rawat’s life and message — it not only looks at his views on peace, but also some of the challenges he's faced and his personal interests outside of his work.


Prem Rawat chatting with Bhusan Dahal

The interview has aired three times with an estimated audience of 1.5 million [source: Kantipur TV].


At the height of the investigation into the MH370 Malaysian aircraft disappearance, Prem Rawat travelled to Kuala Lumpur for a series of six events and interviews in just eight days.

During this short but intense visit, Prem was invited by the TV channel Bernama for an interview with news anchor Melissa Duis.

The interview itself was preceded by a 40-minute conversation with directors of the channel in which issues of peace and the loss of MH370 were discussed. As Prem is a very experienced pilot, Bernama’s news team were keen to get his views on MH370, which were then reported as a national news bulletin across Malaysia.


Prem Rawat and Melissa Duis on the set of the interview

Royal visit

Following the packed events in Ipoh and Segamat, Prem Rawat travelled to the political capital of Malaysia, Putrajaya, to speak at two events. At the second of those events, Prem Rawat's talk was attended by Her Royal Highness The Sultana of Pehang.

With much royal protocol, red carpet and Malaysian royal colours (yellow), the Sultana was warmly welcomed to the event, where she sat in the royal box.

Many people who were there have commented on how the Putrajaya event was truly inspiring and outstanding. You can watch it on the premium channel here.


With no time to rest, the tour headed from Malaysia to northeastern Taiwan. The first stop was Dong Hwa University, in the coastal city of Hualien. Prem Rawat was invited to give the Sayling Wen Chair lecture, a highly prestigious honour. Sixteen Nobel laureates have previously participated in the series, six of whom spoke at the Dong Hwa campus, where the event was held.

With the largest university faculty in Taiwan, 400 students and staff attended the event along with police, military and local government representatives. Hosted by the President of Dong Hwa University, Prem responded to an extensive series of questions posed by students — some of the students originally from Mongolia and mainland China.

Local newspapers reported on the lecture, with an estimated circulation of 45,000. Here is a translation of two printed articles.

Two further events were needed in the city to cope with the demand for seats.


Young people smartly dressed in aviation trainee uniforms acted as ushers

Taiwan TV interview

While in Taiwan, Prem Rawat was interviewed by the national PBS channel. Held at the channel’s TV studio, it was broadcast, in English, to an English-speaking Chinese audience across 80 countries — an estimated reach of two million people.

Once the tour finished, Prem Rawat travelled west for an event in Barcelona. It was a wonderful finale to an extraordinary tour that reached and inspired so many people. Stay tuned for more reports and developments.

Prem Rawat presents UK Parliament with Peace Pledge

[Thu, 03 Jul 2014]

pledge_to_peace.pngThe Pledge to Peace, or Bruxelles Declaration, was presented at the Houses of Parliament in London on the 22nd of June 2014.

As Ambassador of the Pledge to Peace, Prem Rawat attended a ceremony hosted by Baroness Scotland, representing the House of Lords, and The Rt. Hon. Hazel Blears PM, representing the House of Commons, where the Pledge to Peace was presented in the historic Gladstone Room.

Prem Rawat is recognised as one of the main inspirers of the Pledge and addressed the assembly during the presentation, which included a question and answer session with the invited audience.

The Pledge was created in Brussels in November 2011 to develop 'peace and peace education to enhance well-being' and has been signed by a wide range of educational institutions, organisations, cities and leaders, including the 1st Vice-President of the European Parliament.

Among its projects is the Pledge to Peace Forum, European Peace Day and Peace in Schools.

Catch the full story here: http://www.pledgetopeace.eu/blog/the-pledge-to-peace-is-presented-at-the-house-of-parliament-in-the-uk


Peace is Inevitable

[Tue, 01 Jul 2014]

vibrant_villages_3.pngIn November 2012, two young men from rival gangs in Alpachaca, the toughest neighborhood in Ibarra, Ecuador, died avoidable deaths — deaths that were the culmination of years of conflict and disdain for each other. Sobered by the painful reality of this sudden loss of life and exhausted by the never-ending struggle between them, neither of the two gangs had it in them to retaliate. The ongoing pain and confusion were too much to bear. It was time, they acknowledged, to find a better way.

Dr. Angel Castillo, the regional Director of Education at the time and a man familiar with Prem Rawat’s message of peace, encouraged me to meet with gang members and present to them a new way of resolving their long-standing conflict — an approach based on Prem Rawat’s message of personal peace.

And so, a meeting with leaders of the “Bloods” was arranged at a local school gym. And though the anguish was still at hand, gang members were willing to watch several short videos that featured Prem’s message — a viewing that was followed by a spirited, open discussion.

The experience clicked for many of the gang members and the decision was made, then and there, to continue these weekly gatherings and explore alternatives to their day-to-day experience of broken homes, drugs, isolation, and violence — a lifestyle where the semblance of family offered by gang culture only offered temporary relief.


Blood family during music video shoot

One message that particularly resonated with gang leaders, at these weekly gatherings, was that even animals know when to stop fighting and back down before risking imminent death or grave injury. The gang’s choice, as they saw it now, was to find another way and cut the endless chain of retaliation, despair, and pain. The choice made huge sense to them. But what was not yet clear was how to translate this new possibility into action so their new choice would become a lasting one, not just a hope or dream.

The weekly gatherings continued over the next few months. Prem Rawat’s message of inner peace continued etching out a small space of possibility in their awareness. And soon visible behavioral change began to emerge. One young man said, “Yesterday a rival gang member shouted obscenities at me and, for the first time, I didn’t jerk into rash reaction. I paused. I tolerated it. I walked away and kept my cool.” It was very clear that he felt a new sense of empowerment.

Prem Rawat’s June 2013 visit to Ibarra inspired some of the gang leaders to get more involved in pursuing a path of peace and they decided to put their newfound enthusiasm into action. Among other things, they helped set up A/V equipment for public introductory events and walked in the annual Christmas parade carrying candles and a sign that read “Peace is not only possible, it is inevitable” (their choice of words).

When these infamous gang members passed by the parade stands holding their homemade sign, the public authorities stood in awe and clapped. Soon after, the Ecuadorian branch of The Vibrant Village Foundation, a non-profit social service organization, stepped up and provided gainful employment — and an office — to four of the most enthusiastic gang leaders.


Calle Paz y Respecto team

Inspired to make this project their own, the new team took the name “Calle Paz y Respecto” (CPR — Peace and Respect Street). Here, they developed a set of Peace Education Presentations — four hour-long programs, directed to challenged youth — that featured interactive games, peace videos, testimonials, and hands-on activities.

In special school assemblies that followed, students of area high schools responded positively to transformed gang leaders speaking about their experience of abandoning drugs, violence and bullying in favor of accepting one’s inner resources of peace, clarity and consciousness.

At the June 2013 public event with Prem Rawat — Peace Education Program: Launch for Latin America — two CPR members got a chance to speak with Prem. His warm and practical response to their comments helped them further respect themselves, light their inner candle, and join the “gang of the really cool” striving to bring peace to every person on the planet. This was a profoundly meaningful exchange.

The following day, Giovanna Tassi, the Manager of Public Radio Ecuador, interviewed the Calle Paz y Respecto team on live radio for two hours. Ms. Tassi had witnessed the impact of Prem’s message on gang members at the public event and was touched by their obvious transformation. The impromptu radio interview was filled with gang members’ stories of their difficult street life and past despair now being replaced with productive lives finding self-esteem and helping promote positive change in their community — a restored existence more hopeful than they had ever dreamed possible.

The CPR team still maintain their membership in the “Bloods”, but they have totally shifted their focus from violence to peace. Working within the framework of their gang organization, they are serving as positive role models and managing constructive initiatives for the group, such as job training courses and social assistance projects that include delivering food baskets to the poorest of their neighborhood. There is even a soccer “friendly” being planned between the local Bloods and their former rivals, the Latin Kings.

In April, much to the amazement of local officials, a peace accord was reached between the Ibarra-based Bloods and Latin King organizations. Leaders of the two gangs met in a daylong session to co-create the elements and objectives of the pact which included key aspects of Prem Rawat’s message of peace.

Each member proudly signed the peace accord, consciously choosing to recognize the peace inherent in each of them, regardless of their gang affiliations, and acknowledging that peace is not just possible, but inevitable.


Signing of peace accord, Ibarra


Signed peace accord — Blood and Latin King members

Prem Rawat keynote speaker at Water and Food Award ceremony

[Thu, 26 Jun 2014]

On the 18th of June 2014, Prem Rawat was the keynote speaker at a special event in London, which was sponsored by The Water and Food Award (WAF). The Westminster Central Hall hosted this gathering held to honour the outstanding achievements of individuals involved in projects across the globe focussed on sustainability, ecology, humanitarian and educational objectives. Five finalists gave compelling presentations and the award ceremony featuring stunning live performances from leading young musicians.

The organisation was founded in 2006 by Tina Lindgreen with inspiration from Prem Rawat who is also WAF Award's Patron.

In his speech he referred to the participants as "exceptional pioneers" and deemed the proceedings "incredibly noble" and "exceptionally profound" and stressed the importance of peace. He said:

“In our way, all our efforts that we are trying to make, whether it is sustainability, whether it is to feed the hungry, whether it is to bring clean water, in our own little way, we want to create a little heaven right here on Earth. And who will ever blame us for thinking so wildly. Because that is a wild vision, to want to create a little heaven for us and our fellow beings; and to leave a legacy of that heaven for the generations yet to come, so they keep on living the dream of creating the little heaven in their time, for their time ahead.”

Highlights of the day can be viewed here with an opportunity to be notified by email when the live broadcast replay will be made available.

Thanks to you — we did it!

[Wed, 25 Jun 2014]

Thanks to your generous donations and volunteer support, almost 1 million people have heard Prem Rawat's message live so far this year, with many more enjoying online videos, TV broadcasts — all made possible by you, our amazing supporters.

What can we say? "Thank you!" of course. And as a gesture of our gratitude, here's an excerpt from Prem Rawat's address to students in Norway in 2013. Enjoy!

2014: The first five months in numbers…

[Wed, 25 Jun 2014]

In the first five months of 2014, an estimated 17.6 million people were reached by Prem Rawat’s message via print and online news articles, TV interviews and live events, with even more watching Words of Peace TV broadcasts, which air on 300 channels globally, in 41 countries and 20 languages.


Prem Rawat has been flying around the world to present his message of peace. Here are some stats:




Around the world, this same message of peace was presented through special television broadcasts, in magazines, in newspapers, on radio channels and more. Since January, it's reached:



Three months until the biggest peace celebration in the world!

[Sat, 21 Jun 2014]

UN International Day of Peace takes place on September 21st — exactly three months away. So WOPG is sending a big invitation for you, our supporters to get involved, create content, volunteer, help share Prem Rawat's message of peace with the world and find out more about our big plans for the day itself.

Visit our Peace Day information page now to find out what's going on and how you can be part of the biggest peace party on Earth!

This week's Premium Channel release: A Bridge to Peace

[Fri, 20 Jun 2014]

Short clip from A Bridge to Peace

If you'd like to watch the full thing, you can purchase the streaming episode here or download the episode through the online store.

All proceeds from Words of Peace sales are used to support our efforts to share Prem Rawat’s message of peace.

Making history – Prem Rawat speaks at Las Palmas

[Thu, 12 Jun 2014]

Sunset at subtropical island Gran Canaria, location of Time for Peace Festival May 24th to June 7th.

Speaking on the final day of the Time for Peace Festival, Prem Rawat described the occasion as historic – when the citizens of this beautiful island are taking a step in the direction of peace, and not just in words.

“There is a huge impact when people start to understand what peace means,” he said.


Prem Rawat

During his keynote address he also said: “It is about being alive. You think being alive is to walk? No! Being alive is that person who has an understanding, a passion, for peace.”

“I have been doing this – speaking about peace – for 52 years. I have never seen a person as alive as someone who has found peace. Alive, living, embracing and celebrating life, and saying ‘thank you’.”


Enjoying Prem Rawat’s address, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

In the lead-up to Prem Rawat’s address, the island hosted two weeks of celebration, exploring the theme of peace and solidarity. The Time for Peace festival, co-founded by WOPG, attracted hundreds of participants and volunteers from the local area and further afield.

Jeremy Gilley, representative of Peace One Day, co-sponsor of the Time for Peace Festival, spoke at Las Palmas via a video that he prepared specially for the event, while visiting the Congo.

Jeremy Gilley speaking at Las Palmas via a specially prepared video:


The festival events included dance, performing arts, sports and music.

Time for Peace Festival celebrations in full swing

[Thu, 05 Jun 2014]


Actions speak louder than words—and anyone in Las Palmas since May 24th would find it hard to miss the message being broadcast there through sports, music and other cultural events—peace can happen.

The Time for Peace Festival, which runs in Gran Canaria until 7th June, brings together like-minded people and organisations, including WOPG, TPRF and Peace One Day, who share a vision of peace, solidarity and tolerance. Promoted throughout the island by the town hall, local newspapers, and radio and TV stations, the project has attracted large audiences, enthusiastic participants and keen volunteers.

The race for peace:

Kicking off the event, the Deputy Mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Angel Sabroso, and events co-ordinator from WOPG, Begoňa Trillo, gave the starting signal, and more than 200 participants of all ages joined in an opening race—a fun run with no winners or losers—to demonstrate their support for peace.

Advertised as an opportunity to be part of the solution, local people from the island were encouraged to sign up for the sporting events, which also included beach tennis and basketball—both popular sports on the sunny island.

Signing up to participate in sports activities

As part of the initial festivities, prizes were given out to local artists who had contributed works of art reflecting a theme of peace. The Time for Peace painting contest attracted some highly talented painters. They were asked to base their art on sayings about peace spoken by prominent people.

Other cultural activities, being held in the city’s parks, focus on music, food, performing arts, dance and storytelling. The festival also showcases local groups who, through their humanitarian efforts, help create a culture of peace. Participants include several international speakers, more than 20 local non-governmental organisations, 30 bands and 400 volunteers.

The highlight of this two-week long festival will be the keynote address, delivered by Prem Rawat on 7th June. His thoughts on peace are central to the Time for Peace Festival:

There are people who are very greedy, there are people who don’t care. But in my opinion, that is a minority. The majority of the people on the face of this earth want peace, and if this is true, then peace on earth is a very achievable objective. People say it’s not going to happen. Well, let this time belong to those who believe it can happen, not to the ones who say it cannot.”

—Prem Rawat


Painting for Peace contest

May Conference Call audio file available

[Tue, 03 Jun 2014]
Words of Peace GlobalOn Sunday the 18th of May, Words of Peace hosted its second international update conference call of the year.

Download or listen to the call now. Duration: 37:23.

Hear Premlata Rawat Hudson, Susie Meagher, Paul Bloomfield, Begoña Trillo and Barbara Brogan talk about how 2014 is developing into a very special year as we start the countdown to the biggest ever Peace Day celebrations in September with the first-of-its-kind, two-week-long Peace Festival in Las Palmas.

If you feel inspired to give to the Peace Day fund as a result of listening to the call, please do so here:


Peace Day Fund - Donate

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Peace Day Fund - Donate


Time for Peace Festival — a new way of celebrating the importance of peace

[Mon, 12 May 2014]


Las Palmas in Gran Canaria is hosting a Time for Peace Festival starting on May the 24th. Two weeks of events, competitions and activities from exhibitions of specially painted works of art to sports tournaments, culinary experiences, story telling and music concerts all over the city culminate in a first-of-its-kind WOPG event with keynote festival speaker Prem Rawat on the 7th of June.


The Time for Peace Festival project is a unique coming together of like-minded people and organisations including WOPG, TPRF, Peace One Day and numerous local NGOs to create a culture of peace through a shared commitment to its importance and the positive impact it has on people's lives — people from all walks of life.

Time for Peace Festivals put peace at the heart of the community by bringing together civic, educational, artistic, cultural and social organisations, communities and diverse groups and celebrating peace in all its forms.

More about the Time for Peace Festival

Details of the Las Palmas event with Prem Rawat

Sharing a message of peace

[Wed, 26 Feb 2014]

If you want to promote Prem Rawat’s message of peace where you live, there is now a series of billboards, flyers and more that you can use.


You can make it happen

For step-by-step advice, click here for our How to Get Started guide.

You can also ask the Words of Peace Promotional Materials team to create posters and flyers for fundraising events, Peace Day activities and peace initiatives. For any other issues, please contact the Words of Peace Promotional Materials team by writing to wopg-pm@googlegroups.com or by calling your national Information Line.

183,500 attend Youth Peace Fest in New Delhi, India

[Thu, 06 Feb 2014]

On Sunday 2nd February, 183,500 people attended the official launch of the Youth Peace Fest in New Delhi, India. The Times of India Foundation and The Prem Rawat Foundation co-sponsored event marked a pivotal step towards cultivating a culture of peace and wellbeing for young people in a city that has experienced much media attention due to tragic violent incidents. The unprecedented turnout indicated the strong demand for an event of this nature, with crowds flocking to hear about the possibility of peace.

Youth Peace Fest began in response to the challenges faced by young people in New Delhi. Long working days, social pressure and the constant distraction of technology all contribute towards a stressful quality of life for those residing in the busy capital. Passionate young members of the community decided to instigate a movement to combat these problems, and Youth Peace Fest was born.

After months of planning and the dedicated efforts of over 1200 volunteers, the dream was realized, the festival launched and the call to action answered- with extraordinary results. Close to two hundred thousand people gathered at Sector 23, Rohini to hear live music, film and inspiring speeches on the subject of peace.

To cater for the huge crowd, the largest LED screen in India was used and additional speaker delay towers to reach the back of the 16 hectare site. Even then it was hard for people at the back to see and hear due to the numbers attending. During his address, peace ambassador and keynote speaker Prem Rawat spoke about the role we each play in creating such a culture:

When someone realises ‘peace is within me and it is my responsibility to do something about it’, then truly peace is possible. Do you understand the responsibility that goes with it? Take action! Try to understand that you are a part of it. This is the time, that if we decide, then truly peace in this world—within the heart of every individual—is possible.

The organisers of Youth Peace Fest are looking to build on the impact of the first live event for young people in New Delhi and develop artistic and cultural peace activities including poetry, music, and peace projects all focused on young people.

Stay tuned for more stories, photos and quotes from the Youth Peace Fest in New Delhi, India.

The event partners were our sister organization, The Prem Rawat Foundation, and The Times of India Foundation.

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Photo Credits: Mehau A. Kulyk and Priyanka Saini

2013: Looking Back

[Tue, 14 Jan 2014]

2013 was an exciting year for Words of Peace Global. We hosted 68 live events and meetings in 23 different cities attended by close to 32,000 people. During our South American tour in June, gang members in Ecuador who had been listening to Prem Rawat’s message of peace had the opportunity to attend live events and share their inspiring stories. Many more people attended events for the first time in 2013.

Important interviews were captured last year, including one with Fernando Mauro Trezza, President of the Brazilian Association of Community Channels and another with Jeremy Gilley, international peace advocate and founder of Peace One Day. Two other interviews with Ecuadorian and Brazilian TV channels reached an estimated 35 million people.

The interview with Fernando Trezza marked a decade of Words of Peace Global TV broadcast in Brazil and Jeremy Gilley’s conversation with Prem Rawat was released on September 21st, International Peace Day, subsequently broadcast to over 25 million people. After the meeting, Jeremy Gilley said to Prem Rawat “When I think about like, a Jedi Knight, you know, those guys in Star Wars… You’ve got to be the greatest peace warrior on this planet!”

We also launched a new logo and a new tagline. All in all, it was another excellent year working towards bringing the possibility of peace a little closer for everyone. Looking ahead to 2014, we are exploring new avenues and new ways to share this message of peace with people all over the world. We are currently planning a busy schedule of events as well as many new and inspiring videos for the coming year.

Please enjoy this photo gallery of iconic moments and some ‘behind the scenes’ shots from 2013.


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Photo Credits: Mary Rozzi, Mehau Kulyk, Dayana Mayorga

Words of Peace Facebook - Another Way to Keep in Touch

[Mon, 06 Jan 2014]

We are always looking for new ways to share the message that the need for peace is fundamental, as we work towards a world where peace is possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can attend live events with Prem Rawat, you can watch WOPG TV on a channel in your area and in some places you can even tune in and listen on the radio. And there’s one more way for you to keep in touch with our work: WOPG Facebook. Our WOPG Facebook page brings you quotes from Prem Rawat, stories, new products and updates on a daily basis.

There are 1.5 billion active users on Facebook. Every day 700 million people use Facebook for an average of 20 minutes. Our WOPG English page on Facebook has over 36,000 fans. A good post can be Liked by more than 500 people, and seen by over 15,000. A dedicated team of volunteers manages this page and is constantly looking for new ways to help connect our supporters to our work.

The Facebook team recently launched two new pages: WOPG Spanish and WOPG Hindi. Why? We are a global nonprofit and we want our supporters to be able to follow in their own language as much as possible. The WOPG Spanish page already has over 1,000 fans and is continuing to grow. One fan commented, "The best thing is that Facebook is so practical. I can have his words really near to my keyboard and my mouse. Thank you so much."

Laura Pérez Velasco, manager of the WOPG Spanish page on Facebook, witnesses people using the page for many different reasons: “There are a lot of messages from people sending a big thank you to the team to have the opportunity to receive quotes, pictures, videos and events information. The page helps them when they need a phone number to call for more information or to find event information. We have the opportunity to bring this message to all the Spanish-speaking people in social media all over the world; this is our goal.”

Explore our Facebook pages and enjoy receiving having regular Words of Peace updates at your fingertips. By Liking, Sharing, Commenting, and Clicking on links of WOPG Facebook posts, you are supporting Words of Peace in a very meaningful way. Every time you interact with one of these pages, you are helping to give more people a chance to discover this beautiful message. The potential is almost limitless.

Volunteering for Words of Peace

[Tue, 10 Dec 2013]

Since Words of Peace was established in 2008, we have expanded our reach to a global level. Our work of hosting events, airing television broadcasts and supporting initiatives- all focused on the subject of peace- now takes place in every continent except Antarctica. This grass-roots movement to share a message of peace that inspires people and changes lives has grown thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers.

67 live events and meetings have taken place this year. In 2012, we hosted over 100. Words of Peace television programs are broadcast internationally on over 350 different channels. New peace initiatives are emerging all over the world in response to Prem Rawat’s message that personal peace is a real and attainable goal. This effort to bring peace into people’s communities, homes and hearts is sustained by a team of over 11,000 volunteers.

Did you know that Words of Peace have active volunteers in over 85 different countries? In fact, due to the global nature of our work, it is likely that at any time somewhere in the world a Words of Peace volunteer is contributing towards making peace possible.

At the recent Inspire for Peace Meeting and Fair in Long Beach, California, our new video I Volunteer was aired for the first time. Featuring stories and insight from Words of Peace volunteers from Ghana to Australia, it’s a great way to find out more about what we do and to see how much impact your individual effort makes.

Watch I Volunteer video now

If you are interested in volunteering for Words of Peace, please visit the Get Involved page and read about the many different ways that you can help.

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