There is so much speculation. People have all kinds of ideas. Ideas about heaven, hell, how to reach heaven and all sorts of things. People try to figure out how can we get fulfillment. People say "read this book and you will fulfilled. Follow this path. Go down this road, Go to this holy place. Go to the himalaya, renounce everything." The other part is, the more money you have, the more fulfilled you will be. The problem is, the two schools of though don't come to common point.

Where will you get fulfillment? Who are you trying to fulfill? Your ideas? Because if you are, then I've bad news. This (pointing to brain) can never be fulfilled. That is it's nature. You are surrounded by technology. Tell me, this simple question. Has your nature of suffering changed? Has it?

Just because you've a new phone, doesn't mean that bad is not bad. Bad news is still bad, be it 200$ phone or 500$ phone. What has changed for you? Are you still not human? Do you not like to sit down when you are tired? Sometime I see on airport, when they are totally packed due to technological problems. You can see people sleeping on the floor! Why? Because the humanness of a human being has not changed. What you talk through has changed, but your need to talk has not changed.

Accra, Ghana
71:09 min

Lima, Peru
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