Prem Rawat at United States Senate, Washington D.C.

Prem Rawat - Maharaji at United States Senate in Washington D.C.

32 years back, Prem Rawat then teenage, accepted invitation from US Citizen's Congress to address the members of United States Senate, admiral staff, House of representatives, members of Cabinet, and the distinguished audience.
In his concise message to the rulers of the Nation, Maharaji said:

This nation was conceived and borne by the dedication of individuals seeking the freedom to pursue life growth. America has grown for two centuries, but let us not forget that freedom and peace did not come without effort. In the beginning there were great difficulties for the young nation struggling for independence, and growth over the years has not always been tranquil and harmonious. Its always the grace of almighty - has guided the destiny of this nation along its path to greatness.

As George Washington noted in his first message to congress “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States”

Certainly, the almighty has bountifully blessed this land upon which generations of Americans have strived to realize the ideal, which inspired the nation’s founding fathers.

As America enters its 3rd century, many of the frontiers of land and space, science & technology have already been crossed. Yet with end of frontiers of human experience ahead let us pray that the pioneering spirit that has allowed this nation to excel will not falter. And that as you go forward, you will continue to be blessed with the broad vision, temperance, and wisdom to allow America to lead civilization into a New Age, as the befitting sequel to this first nation of the new world. Thank you.

This event took place in February 1976 - three decades ago, yet his passion to reach to out to people and help them experience the true joy within them, only grows deeper with time.

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