A Singular Quest


Many times, I ask, “Does light really know about darkness, and does darkness really know about light?” This is a very interesting question, because maybe we wonder, “Isn’t there some point where the two meet?” Think about it. Does light know about darkness? They have never met. Can they ever meet? I don’t think so, because their natures are so fundamentally different.

It is the same way in the world of the heart. There are principles that guide and dictate the heart, and then there are principles that guide and dictate the mind. Do the two know about each other? I don’t think so, because their natures are so fundamentally different. One does not rely on feeling or understanding. The other does. There is something in you that, just by reading a description of food, can say, “That’s good.” But your nature is that only after food has touched the tongue and the aroma has reached the nose can you say, “Wow! This is good!” So for one part of you, description is good enough. For another part of you, something has to be real. Then, and only then, is it accepted. In that part of you that belongs to the realm of the real, there is something very beautiful called the heart. In the realm of the heart, description means nothing.

Imagine that you’ve bought a house, you’re cleaning it, and in the corner, you see a shiny diamond. You pick it up, and your first reaction is, “I bet this is fake.” But, if in that corner, there’s a beautiful box with a fake diamond in it, your first reaction will be, “I bet it’s real.”

Prem Rawat

Aren’t you curious which part of you dictates your life? Both are parts of you, no question about it. Which is the part that makes decisions for you? It’s a very simple question, but it has incredibly profound consequences.

I’m not talking about decisions of what to eat, what movie to see, what clothes to buy, or even who to marry. I’m talking about the decisions that really matter to you. The heart is incapable of making decisions in an illusive world. It does not understand it. The mind is quite capable of making decisions in this world. It does understand it, because it created it. “We need this, we need this, we need this….” The mind has made the world situation confusing. But in the realm of the heart, there is no confusion. There never was and never will be. In the realm of the heart, there is only one thing: To be fulfilled. To find that joy, to find that feeling—not a description of the feeling. What I talk about is not dogmas, theories, descriptions, explanations. This is about finding the joy in your life. And not just once, but to have that joy available to you every single day for the rest of your life. That’s it. If you’re looking for descriptions, explanations, rules, something to believe in—you won’t find them here, because this is the realm of the heart.


In the realm of the heart, there is knowing. To know, not have faith. To walk in clarity, not in doubt. People say, “Have faith, and that will overcome doubt.” I say, “Have clarity, and that will overcome doubt.” Which one? Faith or clarity? Clarity. Not just, “I hope, I wish, I pray.” But, “The next step will be taken with clarity, not wishful thinking.”

The joy that you seek already exists in the heart. All you have to do is awaken to this possibility. Understand. Feel. Do you understand who you are? You are conscious. Because you are conscious, you can feel the infinite. And when you do, joy happens—the truest joy. Not “Happy Birthday” joy. Not becoming a dad or mom joy, graduating joy, finding a job joy. It is the joy that happens when the consciousness experiences the beauty inside—that joy. The joy of being full.

So, while you have this consciousness, feel the joy in your life. This is who we are. Come and accept clarity in your heart. Pay a little attention to this other world that is also a part of you—the world of the heart, the world of knowing, the world of clarity, the world of simplicity. I guarantee you that you will feel good—a good that cannot be described in words. And then, walk every step with clarity, with confidence. Every day that you have, of all things that you can do, you can also be fulfilled.

— Prem Rawat