Prem Rawat

I go around the world and I ask people: What is inherent to you? You’re a human being. You are alive. Let’s put aside all the goods and bads and rights and wrongs for a minute. And let’s just address you—you being on the face of this earth—because you being here is extremely unique.

Every one of us has been given an opportunity to feel contentment, to feel peace. Is there such a peace? Yes, there is. It is not just words. There is something that can truly take you inside and put you in touch with the reality that dances within you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That is your reality.

We have many aspirations, and they all lead to being content. That’s why we have them. Good job, good career opportunities, good family, good this, good that. So that one day we can be content. But we never take that one action to be able to find the contentment we have already been given. People hand us formulas, and we accept them. I make no claims to you except what I have experienced myself: that when I was able to look within me, I found a simple reality.

Prem Rawat
I have heard so much talk about peace. Sometimes you wonder, “What are you referring to? What kind of peace?” Because inner peace needs to be explored and discovered. It is dancing in the heart of every single human being. It is not away from you—it is with you. What is essential to you, what you need, has been given to you.

People see the conflict in their life, but they never see that simplicity that is dancing in their life. And it is a shame to have lived and never experienced that, because that is what you are all about. Search for that peace in your life and find it, because you need to have that peace. Not because I say so, but because in your own heart you have felt the need for that peace.

In this one life you have, you have the opportunity to say, “Yes, it is important to me to feel that joy, that happiness, in my life. I want to be conscious every single moment.” We are here, and that is the most incredible reason to celebrate. This celebration is not about your friends coming together, or having decorations in your house, or having cake and drinks and napkins.


In this celebration, you celebrate being alive. Only one other is invited to the party—the one who resides in your heart. In that most magnificent place, the purest of all places—your heart. Someone resides there who is your closest friend, there for you always. No cell phone required, no language required to communicate. All is there within you. Other parties have to end, but this one has the possibility of going on and on for the rest of your life.

Come as who you are, what you are. This is not about your baggage, your accomplishments, your goods and bads and rights and wrongs and the judgment of this world. Let it be. But in that freedom and with that understanding of true gratitude, come. Take the step toward your own destination.

— Prem Rawat