Simple Reality

When we were very young, we wanted to feel good, we wanted to be happy, we wanted to feel love. But we didn't have any words for it. Then, as we grew up, we got the words. Now we can say, "Peace, understanding, contentment," but we have lost the feeling.

What I talk about is the feeling, not the words. It boils down to your thirst, your need for peace in your life. What you are looking for is already within you—not something you have to get or create. Not something you have to jog for or diet for. Not something you have to sit endless hours in a seminar for, taking notes and figuring out what it is.

We have reasoned what this life is all about. We have reasoned what is good, what is bad. We have reasoned what is right, what is wrong. But we have sacrificed one of the most important things we have—and that is the ability to feel.

MaharajiIn our reasons, the word peace has come to mean something that is either possible or not possible. Love has come to mean something that I either have or I don't. Reason is necessary when you don't have the feeling. When you have the feeling, you don't care what it is called. When you are in love, you don't need to ask, "Am I in love?" When you are hungry, you don't need to ask, "Am I hungry?" You know when you are hungry and when you are thirsty. Shouldn't the feelings of peace be as innate as hunger and thirst?

Life itself is unfolding—not just the things that happen in it. There is this thing called existence that is boiling, turning, churning, manifesting. It brings joy unparalleled, tranquility that has no end, peace that is absolute, clarity that is singular—no doubts, no confusion. This is what is getting whipped up every time breath comes.

All this is happening, and you could be having a cup of tea saying, "Boring. Nothing is happening. Quiet day." If you know where to look, it is not so quiet. Even in that quietness, there is the sound of you. Even in the stillness, something is stirring. It's stirring because of the joy, the reality. And it is happening courtesy of life.

Peace is a feeling that is already within you. You exist. Your existence is the note that was played. Looking for success when you are the most successful? Looking for the very love that resides in your heart? Looking for peace when peace resides in your heart? Looking for contentment when you have more than you can ever imagine?

That thirst within your heart can be satisfied—again and again and again. A musician doesn't learn to play the piano just to quit. A cook doesn't learn to cook just to quit. You didn't learn to ride your bike to quit. You went on to pedal every day with great joy.

Every day, you need food when there is hunger and water when there is thirst. Whenever that comes, again and again and again, let it be. In your life, be true to that feeling, true to that thirst, and be fulfilled. That much you owe yourself.

— Prem Rawat