The Need for Peace

Translated from Hindi

AudienceMost people are proud to be human beings. We are proud of what we have attained, and many receive awards and titles for what they have accomplished. I have received many myself, but I haven't even hung them up.

When a person is dying, we check their pulse and see if they are still breathing. Then we say, "He's still alive." That's the title—"alive"—that has been given to everyone. One day that title will be taken away. Right now we all have that title, but we don't recognize it.

It's just like seeing someone we know after many years and thinking, "I've seen this person somewhere before. Who is he? I don't recognize him." Don't we also look at ourselves and wonder, "I have seen you somewhere. It feels like I know you, but I don't recognize you"?

MaharajiRecently I was speaking about peace, and someone asked me what I would say to the poor people in this world. Why? Don't poor people need peace? Is peace only for the wealthy? People think that a hungry person only needs bread. I've been hungry. I'm not saying that I didn't and don't need bread, but I also need peace, because this world does not exist only to fill the stomach.

Who needs to experience peace? Peace is not needed by trees. Peace is not needed by cats. Peace is not needed by dogs. Peace is needed by human beings because we can experience peace. We need it. Peace needs to be experienced in our hearts. Whether there's peace in the world or not, peace is definitely possible in our hearts.

Today, we don't look at our faults; we look at everyone else's faults. We don't look at our weaknesses; we look at other people's weaknesses.

AudiencePeace is not a philosophy. Peace is something that has to be experienced. Unless a person experiences it, everything is empty. No matter what you have done in your life, if you have not experienced peace, then everything feels empty, incomplete.

In this life, we can light the lamp of peace. We can decorate the heart with the lamp of peace every day. Learn how to light that lamp. You can call to that peace, that joy, so that it comes to you.

All those corners where there is darkness can be filled with joy. Joy doesn't look at anyone's age, whether they are young or old. No matter what their condition, it is possible for every human being to feel joy. If you need to make an effort, then the effort should be to light the lamp of joy. This life should be filled with light, not darkness.

This is not for someone else. Every human being can fulfill their heart, can fulfill this life. This is the most beautiful thing that is possible in this life.

— Prem Rawat