The Train of Life

Translated from Hindi

Prem Rawat in New Delhi

In this world, there’s a train that is always moving. It doesn’t stop at a station or for anyone. It just keeps going. Every second, some people get on and some people get off. Where will it stop? Nobody knows. To sit in this train, all you need is the ticket of life. We have already been given that. We’re in the train, and it is moving.

People ask me, “Why am I here?” What kind of question is that? Since I was very little, people have been asking me, “What is the goal of this life?” I used to tell them, “You have this life, and you don’t know what the goal of your life is? That means you have not understood what you have been given. You’ve just believed what people have said.”

Prem Rawat :: Maharaji

This is what happens: You’re in a car and you get lost. Someone’s standing on the side of the road, and you ask him, “Where is so-and-so place? How do I get there?” He says, “Go straight, make a right turn, then one kilometer ahead make a left, and you’ll be there.” Then you say thank you and keep going. You don’t ask, “Do you really know where this place is?” You say, “I need to go there,” and he says whatever he says. It could be completely wrong. It could be that he is crazy. It could be that he doesn’t know where he is going, and he is lost himself, giving people different directions. When we close our eyes and do things with blind faith, the impact is different than when we do things consciously.

Today, the world is ready to explain to us what we need. I do not accept that because what we need and the desire for it are placed within us. Until we understand what that desire is, we just get stuck in the names, the definitions, the descriptions. We get stuck in imagination. It is one thing to have a description of something and another to have the experience.


When it comes to peace, when it comes to understanding, people are happy to stay in the description and not have the experience. Every day, we try to imagine God through our mind and intellect. We try to talk to him and see him through these eyes. And what is the experience?

What is the experience of that which resides within? This is what I talk about, and this is what I pay more attention to. The descriptions are fine, but without experience, all those things are incomplete. Water quenches thirst, but a picture of water cannot quench your thirst. Fire can burn something, but a picture of fire cannot burn anything. If you want to have true love, you have to experience true love. Just hearing words or descriptions and imagining it are not enough. It needs to be real.

If you want the experience of what is within you, I will walk a thousand steps, but you need to take at least one step: you will have to ask for it from your heart. And I can give it to you.

It is necessary that you come from that place within you that is simple. Don’t come with your bag of concepts. In this life, we need to understand how much has been taught to us and how much is our own. We need to recognize both of those things, and it is very difficult.

These are not just words. I guarantee you that you can definitely have the experience of that which has no beginning and has no end, which is real.

That experience is already inside of you. It doesn’t need to be created. You just need to lift the veil of ignorance. Once you have understood, once you know where your home is, you won’t need to get lost. You won’t need to wander. So understand and enjoy that real thing.

— Prem Rawat