quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

Each one of us can experience that peace in our lives— not in words, not in concepts, not in ideas, but in reality— every single day.
The peace that I’m talking about is the peace that people experience in the middle of rocket— falls.
This is not about religion.
Follow whatever religion you want.
This is about finding the place within inside of you that still remains untapped.
I’m not here to offer formulas to you.
I can put you in touch with the peace that is within you.
As impossible as it may sound, it’s happening right now.
Somewhere in the world, somebody is being put in touch with that beauty that is inside of them.
And it is no surprise that when a person feels the beauty within, the next words they say are, "Thank you.
Thank you for letting me feel the peace inside of me."
- Prem Rawat