quote- macro
quote- macro

Here we are in spring.
And the tussle is on.
On one side, winter does not want to let go of its hold.
On the other side, the warmth of summer wants to break in.
And this is played out in the skies, the clouds, the lightning, the rainbows, the sun.
And on the ground are delicate little plants.
They’re fragile.
Last fall, they gambled.
“To survive the winter, we will need to shed our leaves.”
And they did.
The gamble was, “Summer will come again and, when it does, we will be able to put out our leaves and once again become whole.”

Now they are prepared, and the slightest hint of summer coming has spurred them to start putting those delicate leaves out again— ready to make that commitment to being complete.
- Prem Rawat