quote- maharaji
quote- maharaji

I’d like to talk about the importance of passion in our life.
Often when you ask a person what their passion is, they answer something like, “Oh, I just love gardening— that’s my passion.”
They like it; they enjoy it.
And I’m not saying they shouldn’t.
But that’s their hobby.
What can you have a real passion for in your life?
What can truly ignite the fire in you to admire, to love?
Something so special, so real.
You cannot be passionate about something that is just in your imagination.
It cannot be, “Oh, I love dragons.”
Well, I like dragons, too.
They’re powerful, they can fly, and they breathe fire.
But I can’t touch one or go talk to one.
To be passionate about something, I need it to be really real— not a figment of my imagination.
If you need to sit down on something, you check to make sure it will support your weight.
You can’t sit on air; you’ll fall down.
- Prem Rawat