quote- sunset
quote- sunset

We search, but we don’t know what we are searching for.
We know what we are dis— attracted to.
We know about our distractions, but we don’t know what we are attracted to.
What is your nature?
We have so many ideas, “I have to do this, I have to get this done, this is my responsibility, I am this, I have to have this, I want to move forward in my life...”

In the process, we find ourselves hungry and poor— hungering for we don’t know what.
I’m not talking about food, but being hungry for it to be good, to be right.
And then we find ourselves poor— in all the things we don’t have.
The two conditions— poor and hungry— not good in this world.
A 14th century poet, Kabir, says, “No one is hungry and no one is poor.
Everyone is rich beyond belief.”
Everyone has an incredible package with them, but they haven’t opened it.
That is why they have nothing.
He is addressing human beings on this earth making the journey we have been on for so many centuries.
- Prem Rawat