Prem Rawat Receives Seal of Padua Province, Italy

Maharaji Prem Rawat- Receives Seal of Padua Province, Italy
On June 24, Prem Rawat was greeted by an enthusiastic audience in the Theatre Verdi of Padua's town hall. A city of over 200,000 people, Padua is located on the Bacchiglione River near Venice. Home of the renowned Universita' di Padova, where Galileo Galilei once lectured, it is one of the oldest cities in northern Italy. The event itself took place under the patronage of Padua Province, the Veneto Region, and the Ministry of Justice.

Anna Milvia Boselli, member of the Padua City Council, welcomed Prem Rawat on behalf of the city and later presented him with the seal of Padua. Province Alderman Leandro Comacchio conveyed greetings from Padua Province emphasizing that, after hearing about Prem Rawat for over 30 years from a friend of his, he was very happy to finally be able to hear him speak in person.

"Why do you think that peace is not a happening thing?" asked Prem Rawat. "The individual is missing from the equation," he said. "We talk about world peace, not individual peace. Peace is not social; it is an individual phenomenon. If we want peace, we have to explore our own thirst for peace."

"One thing that many people don't know," he continued, "is that if you are in peace, it will make you very happy. I am talking about the real peace in your life. This is what we all want. Do whatever is necessary to bring peace in your life, and it will bring you an immense amount of happiness."

If the standing ovation at the end of the address was any indication, Prem Rawat struck a resounding chord with his audience.

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