The Prem Rawat Foundation Brings Relief Aid to Mexico after Hurricane Wilma

Maharaji / Prem Rawat Foundation - Relief Aid to Mexico after Hurricane Wilma
After Hurricane Wilma blasted the Cancun area, a team of volunteers, working in conjunction with The Prem Rawat Foundation, provided roofing materials for people in two Mayan villages whose roofs had been destroyed by the hurricane. Several recipients sent a personal message to Prem Rawat saying, "We thank you with all our hearts for what you are doing."
The entire project was organized by students of Prem Rawat, who is known internationally by the honorary title Maharaji. A team of nine volunteers surveyed the neighborhoods and spoke to residents to see who needed help. They hired trucks and six people to bring 25 tons of roofing materials from the city of Merida, about a four-hour drive from Cancun, and then they personally delivered the materials.

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