ants,drinking,Prem Rawat,quote
ants,drinking,Prem Rawat,quote

Problems will come. Everyone has problems. Problems have a very sophisticated system: they seek you out;
they know where you are and how vulnerable you are.
Have you ever noticed that the more vulnerable you are, the bigger your problem?
They've got scanners that seek vulnerability. It doesn't matter how good a face you try to put on,
"I'm fine, I have everything," it doesn't work. It really doesn't work.
The only thing that works, is being able to enjoy the beauty within you. Will that make the problems go away?
No. These problems have had billions of years to perfect themselves. They are far more evolved than we are.
They've worked on mountains, oceans, bacteria, even dinosaurs. They're good.
Can we flex a little muscle and make them go away?
No. That won't happen. But we can go someplace where they can't come.
-Prem Rawat