sea sand,washing shore,Prem Rawat,quote
sea sand,washing shore,Prem Rawat,quote

You too, have all that you need. It lies within you.
Every day, even in sadness, in sorrow, there is a joy unparalleled inside of you,
waiting to be discovered. People think: “Does that mean that you don’t get upset?”
Of course I get upset. But even when I am upset, I know that within me is unparalleled joy.
Do bad things happen to me? Yes. Do good things happen to me?
Yes. Am I any different from you? No. And if I am, it’s only one thing: In all that I do,
I know that inside of me resides the One I have always sought;
that when I feel lonely, I know that I am not alone; that when there is darkness outside,
I know there is a lamp. I know. Not, “I think” or “I wish. . .” or “Wouldn’t it be nice?”
No: I know.
-Prem Rawat