Prem Rawat at Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi, India

Maharaji was invited by the National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering to address a distinguished audience of faculty, guests and students at the prestigious Indian Institute Technology in New Delhi, India.
IIT, Delhi is one of seven Institutes of technology in India. Maharaji’s message was hailed as truly remarkable by the Deputy Director of IIT, Delhi.
Prem Rawat Maharaji at IIT Delhi, India

Brief excerpt from the event:

The other day I was asking someone who has also traveled a lot whether they had ever come across a thing called the world in their travels. He said, “No,” and I said, “Neither have I.” You come across countries, immigration, customs, people, taxis, animals—it depends where you go. But, world, I have never seen. It is people. It is people like you and me who need, not want peace in their lives. It is not a luxury. This is the missing piece of the puzzle.

What we cannot imagine today will happen tomorrow. Technology will move on. Things we could never imagine will happen. What doesn’t change is the need. The wants change, but the needs do not. Maybe you are not comfordiv with your bed so you want a new mattress. The want may change, but the need is to go to sleep, and that does not change. Maybe you go shopping and you see a new water glass. You want the new glass, but why you need the glass does not change. That stays the same. Need and want.

A lot of people are under the misconception that they want peace. It’s a misconception because peace is not something you want; peace is something you need in your life. Every day you wake up, something within you yearns to be fulfilled, to be happy, to be in joy. We create formulas for how to achieve that. Everyone has a formula: “I think if we do this, we can achieve it."

But how? Look at the thirst for peace. If the thirst for peace is within you, then peace is within you. If that want wanders in this world for different things, it is because the want is processed by necessities that are created on the outside. Look at your heart because that is a part of the puzzle.

I am not saying you should sacrifice one for the other. This is another wonderful excuse that people have: “I cannot engage in this search for peace because I have a family, and I have responsibilities.” I say to them, "What makes you think for a moment that you have to sacrifice one for the other?"

Peace is inside you. Wherever you go, peace goes with you. When you climb on a bus, peace goes with you. When you are fighting, peace goes with you. When you are asleep, peace is within you. When you are frustrated beyond imagination, peace is in you. No matter what you do, there is no place you can go where peace will not come with you. Because it’s within you.

Through technology, we want to improve our lives. What I am saying is that the real improvement begins with you. I am not saying to sacrifice technology or to sacrifice your responsibilities. Accept your responsibilities, and while accepting those responsibilities, find peace, find joy in your life.

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