I'm indebted to this breath

I've responsibilities and I carry them responsibly. But among all these responsibilities, I don't want to forget the responsibility in essence. If I'm indebted to someone, it is my breath. I'm indebted to this breath. If I can see, look, laugh, cry; it's all because this breath came into me. If I am inspired to look for God, it is because this breath came into me. If I've brother, sister and all other relations, it is because this breath came into me. If I've achieved something, it is because of this breath. The day it stops, nothing else will matter.
Your nature is to love this supreme joy. This is your nature and you can't change it. Your nature is to make this life a success. This is your nature.
Somebody asked me on how can I bring peace in this world? I gave him analogy of a football field. If you want to lighten up a football field, what do you need to do? Light the bulbs! All the bulbs have to be lit up. When the bulbs lighten up, so will stadium. This stadium is the world. People say this is impossible. May be it is, but let's try! If all our attempts are in vain, at-least we will know that it is not possible. But try is one thing I can do, and I'm trying.
People ask if I call myself a God. I say, Never. God is within me for sure. Just like he's within you. I'm a human being just like you are. Till the time one human doesn't learn to respect another, peace outside is not possible. And if you want to learn respecting, start by respecting yourself, your breath. Once you learn to respect yourself, you will respect others too.
People ask why am I doing this? Are you doing this for money? I say nope. Let me tell you why I'm doing this. When I received the gift of knowledge from my master, I liked it. And because I liked it, I'm spreading it to others. And I'm spreading it aloud with joy!
People ask what can I do? I can help you, that's all! And that too when you are willing to let me. People say, just give it to me. I say no, first understand your breath. And I don't say "come to me". I say "Quench your thirst, however way you can. If you are unable to, look me up!"

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