A unique lamp

Excerpts taken from Prem Rawat's talk at Ezeiza Women's Prison, Argentina.
On September 9, 2010 Prem Rawat first visited Ezeiza Women's Prison to present his message to some of the inmates. He was warmly invited again on April 3, 2012 to speak on the same subject.
Thanku. Well I was here in 2010 to talk to you and what I've to say is, in a sense is not that much different from what you've already heard. But what I'm here to tell you is, think about you. Your life, your existence. Who are you? Each one of you is unique. There is no two people alike on face of this earth. Do you know that? That means, that each one of you has a unique lamp within you. You're here for something. Find why you are here. What potential and possibility do you have?

Find your humanity
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