European Parliament in Brussels

Mr. Rawat spoke of the universal need for peace to a diverse audience of Members of

In my opinion the ideal should be to have peace on this earth, where people feel and celebrate having peace. We talk about prosperity; in my formula, and this is only because I've observed, Prosperity without peace is chaos. Everybody is wondering what is going on? Isn't just a few years ago everybody was proud- 'Yes the Economy!' Then all of a sudden, prosperity without peace leads to chaos. If we want to avoid this chaos, then we've to work on what peace really is. That peace is not a monastery, peace is not absence of noise, not absence of war. Peace is not a declaration. Peace is a fundamental human need that needs to be felt from within. I'm paraphrasing the UN charter- "It's in the minds of men, of human beings, that the wars are created". That's where it comes from. And I just want to add this much "That it is from the hearts of the human beings that peace will be created"

There are people who give 5 reasons or 6 reasons why there shouldn't be peace on this earth. I've 6.5 billion reason on why there should be peace on this earth! This is the time when the nations need to come together. Because remember it is those Kings and rulers in whose rule peace reigned that were considered the most successful ruler- and prosperity followed. These are not impossible dreams. This can be a reality that we can have. Question remains whether we want to do it or not.

At the end of the event Vice President of European Parliament and Italian MEP, Mr. Gianni Pittella, personally thanked Mr. Rawat for his insights, declaring that:

"Today, peace is considered an irreplaceable factor in every effort for a society that is based on the dignity of the individual and on common welfare.
However, any effort for peace made by institutions cannot fully succeed if the value of peace is not deeply rooted in every person's heart."

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