Introduction by Words of Peace Global

Why peace?
The world will tell you "This is what the world needs. This is what the world needs."
But 7 billion people on the face of this earth are crying out for one thing, and one thing alone and that is Peace. And peace is not the absence of war.

I travel, not because I like to travel. I travel so I can say this "What you are looking for is inside of you, and you should be in peace"

Prem Rawat has been traveling for forty years inspiring people around the world to find peace within.

I go and I talk to people, and I present them with the possibility of themselves.
Discover the peace that lies within you.

Because when you are in that peace
You look beautiful

Houses of Parliament: London, United Kingdom
26:28 min

International Peace day message from UNIPAZ Peace Ambassador
01:57 min