Introduction to the work of Prem Rawat

"What you are looking for is inside of you.
Find it.

Find your peace
whilst you are alive.

And if you need help finding it,
I can help.
"At the end of the day, we have some very very simple needs. And these needs on the top of the list, always has been- to feel contentment"
- at Guildhall, London

"Peace is not absence of war. Peace is not the declaration. Peace is a fundamental human need that needs to be felt from within."
- at European Parliament, Brussels

"Is it just a dream? Personal peace is just a dream? Concept? Idea?
Or is it a reality? Can it happen?"

- at United Nations Headquarters, New York

"Of all the things that we see out there, there are people who say "That's our nature! All these wars and chaos" I disagree. Because when we're centered, when we're placed in that equilibrium, where our hearts are full. Our true nature shines! A the tru nature that we have, is beautiful!"
- at Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

For more than forty years, Prem Rawat - or Maharaji as he's more commonly known, has dedicated his life to bringing a simple message of peace to people all around the world. Through his work, hundreds of thousands of people of different cultures and nationalities have been able to experience peace, beauty, and fulfillment, within their own lives.

Where is peace?
01:30 min

Maharaji in Mumbai- 25th Nov, 2009
39:56 min