Anastasi P.- Cyprus

As a young child, I lived in a small village, and I clearly remember the days of watching airplanes flying by low on the horizon. Sometimes at sunset, they would meet the sun's path, and I was fascinated that they always flew in front of the sun and never behind it! The hope and excitement that one day a jet would be temporarily hidden behind this big, red circle made it a beautiful game— to sit, watch, and wait. Of course, that day never came.

As time went by, this, as well as many other childhood experiences, became irrelevant. Another kind of hope, just as strong, just as innocent, began to manifest within me— the hope to be fulfilled. That’s all. I had everything, but it meant little. Eventually, I allowed this feeling of hope to drive me.

I abandoned everything I had and left the island to search for something more in my life. In November 1994 in Athens, I saw a video of Maharaji, and I felt a slight change in me just from that first video. Soon, I started attending video presentations regularly. In July 1995, I received the gift of Knowledge. From that day, metaphorically, I've been riding in the aircraft that has finally flown behind the sun. There I was, experiencing something that I never thought was reachable— a simple feeling inside to be enjoyed every day and profound enough to make my life truly worth living. It has been, and continues to be, a beautiful journey, even through the bumpy bits, and I will always be grateful to Maharaji.

— Anastasi P.

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