Prem Rawat at United Nations Organization- HQ, San Francisco

Responding to an invitation from the United Nations 60th Anniversary Committee, Prem Rawat addressed a distinguished audience of diplomats, and government and civic leaders at an event held in celebration of the UN’s 60th anniversary at the historic Herbst Theater in San Francisco, where the UN Charter was signed sixty years ago.

Welcoming the attendees, Bill McCarthy, Administrator of the UN 60th Anniversary Committee, said: “We are here tonight to commemorate and celebrate the anniversary of a historic event and to hear distinguished speakers. Sixty years ago, in this same hall, the founding charter of the United
Prem Rawat Maharaji at United Nations Organization (UN), San Francisco

Nations was signed. President Truman addressed the delegates as they arrived and said: ‘I earnestly appeal to each and every one of you to rise above personal interests and adhere to those lofty principles which benefit all mankind. You are to be the architects of a better world. In your hands rests our future. If we do not want to die together in war, we must learn to live together in peace.’

“Since President Truman spoke these visionary words, a tremendous amount of human, financial, and economic efforts have been invested in trying to bring about peace. Have President Truman’s sincere hopes materialized? Unfortunately, not as much as we would like. While we enjoy the benefits of civilization, technology, and progress, the world we live in is filled with conflict. Even more sadly, many people have come to accept that peace is an impossible dream. Could it be that we’re missing something? Something important?

“‘Peace,’ says Prem Rawat, ‘is possible.’ His affirmation stands in contrast to commonly accepted beliefs. His message is controversial in the noble sense of the word. He presents a message of hope and peace that challenges the commonly negative views of the world; his message is visionary and yet practical, profound, and yet relatable.”

Nancy Peterson, President of the United Nations Association of San Francisco and President of the UN 60th Anniversary Committee, said: “How fortunate we all are to be here tonight in this historic place remembering these memories, which are so important to all of us and to our lives as citizens today.

“The founding of the United Nations is the reflection of an ancient dream of mankind, because if you look at the writings of the ancient Romans and Greeks, from time to time they would comment: Wouldn’t it be better if people could come together and talk about their differences and settle things by negotiations and words rather than resorting to war?”

Speaking of the day when the United Nations Charter was signed sixty years ago, Ms. Peterson said: “What a day this was for San Francisco. There are many people still living who remember with honor and pride their parts in it. And so it is a part of the heritage of our city to remember the founding of the United Nations.”

Welcoming Prem Rawat, Astrid Stromberg, President of the United Nations Association of Northern California, said: “It is in the spirit of celebration for the accomplishments of the United Nations and of many millions of unnamed people around the world who strive to let peace dwell within the human spirit that we are gathered here. It is also in the hope that the peace that has kept eluding this world will in our lifetime become a reality. Prem Rawat’s message is from the heart. While the peace that he speaks of is of universal relevance and value, his message is profound, personal, and practical—from heart to heart. Peace, he says, is our birthright. It is already within, waiting to be felt. Peace, he says, is possible.”

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