Prem Rawat at United Nations Association (UNA) Of Malaysia

United Nations’ Secretary-General Kofi Annan sends best wishes for event with Prem Rawat.

Maharaji addressed a distinguished audience which included members of Royal families, ambassadors, cabinet ministers, and members of the Asian media. Welcoming the guests, Datuk Dr. Ian Chia, Secretary General of the United Nations Association of Malaysia, former President of the Malaysian Institute of Directors, and Vice-Chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Management, declared: “It is indeed an honor to introduce such a distinguished man. Prem Rawat speaks about peace from the heart. He inspires and guides people to find peace from within and offers a simple yet profound message of peace.”

Introducing Prem Rawat, Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen, President of the United Nations Association of Malaysia, former Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Information, and currently Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the United Malays National Organization, Malaysia’s ruling party, said: “Prem Rawat is an international speaker acknowledged for his profound message of peace, particularly inner peace and self-fulfillment. We at the United Nations Association of Malaysia and the United Nations Development Programme see his message as a true reflection of the hopes, aspirations, and ideals of the United Nations, whose aim is international peace and security. All encouragement and support should be given to The Prem Rawat Foundation for its noble efforts to spread the message of Prem Rawat, as well as to bring peace and happiness to the needy. Let us support the message of Prem Rawat, empowering us to generate the hope of peace in this world of despair. The foremost concern of the international community is peace. Prem Rawat says, ‘Peace is possible.’ Let us listen to his message.”
Prem Rawat Maharaji at United Nations Association (UNA) of Malaysia

Prior to Prem Rawat’s address, Tengku Ahmad Rithauddeen read a special message sent by the United Nations’ Secretary General Kofi A. Annan to the organizers and participants of this special event with Prem Rawat. Kofi Annan’s message ended with: “Historic, fundamental progress is possible. But it will depend on the will of governments and on the engagement of groups and citizens such as you. In that spirit, I wish you all the best for a successful event.”

This event marked the beginning of a tour of the North Pacific in that season for Prem Rawat. Over the next weeks, he addressed audiences in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia.

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