Abundance of Joy

(translated from Hindi)

Today everyone is looking for truth. If someone searches for truth, first they need to be able to accept what is good and not accept what is bad. Here is something to understand: the nature of human beings is that the bad has more impact than the good. We will need to change this nature if we want to live life consciously.

Our nature is that though we have everything, we hold onto our pain. If after 100 years of somebody saying “I love you,” they say, “I hate you,” we will remember that more than all 100 years of “I love you.” Yes, there is pain, but there is an abundance of joy and happiness as well.

Many songs in India ask, “What is the difference between a swan and a duck?” Whether it is true or not, they say that if you mix milk and water together, the swan can separate the milk from the water. It accepts what is good and leaves what isn’t. The duck doesn’t see the difference; he takes it all.


A human being’s request should be, “What can I do for my life today?” There are people who think this is very selfish. But if a thirsty person quenches his thirst, is that selfish? If a hungry person satisfies his hunger, is that selfish? If a tired person sits down, is that selfish? And if the human being’s heart wants to be fulfilled, how can that be called selfish?

If you truly learn to love your life, your nature will change. You will be able to receive what is good and let go of what is bad—to be transformed from a duck to a swan. Then whatever that person touches will turn to gold. For them, nothing will be lacking.

This is the opportunity for each of us. Many people try to look beautiful on the outside, but there is also a beauty within you. Allow that beauty to come forth—the true beauty of life. There is a place within you that is there wherever you go, and you can experience it. Whether you’re young or old, it is always with you. Experience that. Then, no matter what you do, your life will be filled with that beauty, that enthusiasm, and love will permeate.


I go from place to place and I remind people: “Fulfill your life. Don’t forget that. Whether you do anything else or not, fulfill your life.” That’s very important.

I remind people again and again about the lamp that is within. Everyone has their own lamp. The lamp is within you. I have my own lamp within me. The difference is that I have matches. So I go from place to place and I light up people’s lives.

We are fortunate because we have this human body. Take full advantage of it. Fulfill your life. Whatever you need to do, do it. But there is one more thing you should definitely do, and that is to fulfill your life. Don’t forget to do that as well.

— Prem Rawat