morning sun,Prem Rawat,quote
morning sun,Prem Rawat,quote

A lot of people think fulfillment will change the whole world for them; it won’t.
What it will do, is let you know where your true home is.
The reality is, that peace is within me, whether I am a beggar or I am a king.
It doesn't matter to peace. We see such a big difference
between the two: a beggar and a king, but think about it.
What does the beggar really dream of?: becoming a king. And what does a king dream of?:
“I wish my life was simple like that beggar.”
So different, yet so similar. Both are looking for peace. The beggar thinks:
“If I become the king, I will have peace.”
And the king says: “If I become the beggar, I will have peace.”
These are differences that we have created.
There is one simple similarity we all share:
peace is within all of us. And if we want, we can experience that.
-Prem Rawat