Ales D.- Litija, SLovenia

From my youngest age I have felt a deep longing in myself, but for what I didn’t know. My eyes were looking and they caught the magic of the glittering stars. I spent many nights watching, observing, and admiring their beauty. But my longing was still there.

My passion was for stars. I studied them and built large telescopes and sophisticated instruments to observe more details, but my longing remained.

One day I went to a hospital, where a very learned professor was lying, terminally ill. With only a few hours of his life left, all his learning seemed meaningless. During this visit I realized— I have to know what is really REAL in my life.

Ten days later, I was listening to Maharaji’s message. I didn’t understand much, but I knew I was in the right place. I listened more and started to enjoy immensely what Maharaji was saying. It felt right, and I was feeling so good. I had found something REAL.

Because of Maharaji’s generosity, he showed me where real home is— inside of me.

Now I can enjoy both universes— outside with starry nights and inside with incredible peace and tranquility.

My quest is over.

— Ales D.

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