Lottie D.Lethbridge- Alberta, Canada

As a child, I knew a feeling of joy and contentment deep within me, but this feeling did not match the words I was hearing around me. As an adult, I tried to live by what others expected of me and grew distant from the love I had known as a child. Everything I pursued left an ache inside.

Two years ago, I expressed that longing to a friend. She told me about someone who had shown her a way to quench her thirst over and over again. My heart recognized her story, but I felt fearful that this might be a religion or that I'd have to follow someone who would watch my every move and judge me.

In time, I was shown the techniques of Knowledge. So how is it today with the fears I felt when I first heard about Maharaji? Am I being judged? Absolutely not! Have I found it to be a religion with rules? Absolutely not! Is the feeling the most natural thing that I remember as a child? Absolutely!

— Lottie D.Lethbridge
Alberta, Canada

What people say

Millions of people have been touched by Prem Rawat's message of inner Peace and contentment. He addresses people from various walks of life. Whether he speaks to uneducated farmers in remote villages in India or to business leaders and government officials, his message remains same and directed to each individual. Expression from people in different walks of life, inspired by the message of Prem Rawat: