Gudron B.- Belgium

When I was a little child, I could feel a presence of something very special and would fall asleep with the sweet feeling of being in contact with it. By the time I was twelve, it hit me that the feeling was gone. This discovery made me feel so sad, lost, and lonely. I was afraid of having nothing but a big black hole inside which would one day swallow me.

At the age of nineteen, I heard Maharaji talk about love, about the heart of each person being like a rose that needed to be watered. In the beginning, I thought he was only a philosopher, but I soon realized this was what I had been yearning for.

Since then, although sometimes I lose this perspective, I always know that it is there and how to find my way back to it. From there, I have a ground to walk on. I can learn and progress and appreciate. And if I need inspiration, Maharaji is the best one.

— Gudron B.

What people say

Millions of people have been touched by Prem Rawat's message of inner Peace and contentment. He addresses people from various walks of life. Whether he speaks to uneducated farmers in remote villages in India or to business leaders and government officials, his message remains same and directed to each individual. Expression from people in different walks of life, inspired by the message of Prem Rawat: