Razafimbelo N.- Antananarivo, Madagascar

In the middle of 1996, when I was a student at university, a new friend willing to help me with my studies told me about Knowledge and Maharaji. It was only a few months later that I saw for the first time a video of Maharaji. I was happy and confused at the same time. Happy, because I had never thought that such a thing could exist in our time. I had always dreamt of joy and happiness, but everything I tried in my life did not lead me to that point. Confused, because of the perceived barrier of religion, society, and all my concepts. I even thought that it might be something diabolic.

But my quest for happiness superseded my fear. My thirst for joy was such that I held at bay the things trying to prevent me from going ahead. The more I listened, the clearer things were. I also realized there was nothing frightening nor diabolic in Knowledge. What Maharaji talked about amazed me, and I started to take pleasure in listening to his message.

Today, I am happy practicing Knowledge. Each time I go inside, I feel this beautiful feeling. It’s so sweet, and the more I practice, the more it grows.

— Razafimbelo N.
Antananarivo, Madagascar

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