Peace: The Real Success


Peace is possible. That’s a catchy little phrase, but it has incredible significance. For me, for you, for everyone to even begin to have the hope that peace is possible is tremendous. I’ve been talking about peace since I was very, very young. For me, every human being—not societies or countries, but every human being alive—has been given a gift, a possibility.

We have a heart that inspires us to be fulfilled, that reminds us to be in peace. This is the premise from which I say that, yes, peace is possible. This is not a formula. This is not about what we could create. I’m talking about what we do have.

In each one of us, there is a want, a drive, to be fulfilled. We give this all too many meanings and definitions. We say “success,” but what does success really mean?


For our lives to be truly successful, peace has to be a part of it—not missing. In our formulas, peace has to be there. Part of the fulfillment we all aspire to includes the fundamental thing called peace. Every day, to feel peace in our lives.

Some people think peace is one of those things that you just kind of feel one day and it’s good for your whole life. Nothing works like that. Food isn’t like that. You don’t just eat one day and say, “I’m set for life.” No, you’ve got to eat any time you get hungry. And with thirst, also, whenever you feel thirst, you need water.

Look within you for those resources that are calling out to you for the real success in this life. Not the quantity, but the quality. Not the make-believe, but indeed, the reality. Not taking the sum of all the things and saying, “Everything is fine now,” but to feel fine. To feel fulfilled. Not saying, “Aren’t I fulfilled? I have this, I have this,” and constantly having to take inventory of everything around you.

A lot of people say, “I’ve got everything. I don’t need that.” I say: Remember who you are. You are none other than a vessel floating on the water of this world. We all need a haven to come back to. That’s where peace resides.


What kind of peace am I talking about? “Take away all my problems, and I will have peace.” No, I’m talking about a rope tied to the dock that does not come off when the waves go up and down. I’m talking about the peace that is there even when I am in the middle of turmoil, the peace that exists even in the midst of my problems.

In you lies compassion. Maybe you have been introduced to traits like anger and fear. Let me introduce you to some of your other basic traits: compassion, love, understanding, the want and desire for peace, to be fulfilled. These are important things—feeling, experiencing, understanding, enjoying. The quest for this has always been there in your existence. This time, take steps not only outside, but also take steps inside and feel the peace that is dancing in the beautiful halls of your heart.

— Prem Rawat