Touched by the Magic


You know, as human beings, there is a lot that is good. But there are certain habits we have that are not so good. And one of the bad habits we have is that we are so attracted to distractions. Any minor little distraction somewhere, and that’s where our attention goes.

Why is that a bad habit? Because it robs us of the essential things we need to make this life a beautiful occasion. And this is the possibility. This is what you can do—you can make this one lifetime the most incredible time. How?

You are in this world; you exist. One day you weren’t here; today you are; and one day you will die. I can guarantee you that you don’t understand what that means—because of the distractions. When the time comes that you lose the capacity to be distracted—and such a time does come—then and only then will you begin to understand what life is about.

Prem Rawat

How do I know this? Have I reached that time in my life where I’m not distracted? No. But I also know that there was somebody who was kind enough to show me. Because when I get caught up in my own tune, in my own definition of what life is, I become careless.

Look at a person living an “exciting” life—bungee-jumping. This is what some people think is exciting. They actually challenge death, “Take me on!” And they think that’s excitement. Or they climb a vertical rock without any safety lines, just using their fingertips and powder. The only reason Death doesn’t take them on is because it is laughing so hard—just bowled over with laughter. One day Death sobers up. And just like that, they’re gone. Their body becomes dirt again.

So what is life about? Is it about the excitement? Or is it about feeling a heart full of joy?

All the things that we think are important will one day turn around and become unimportant. I have been reading letters from people who are either at the very front of the line or maybe two or three people from the front of the line. The other day, I was talking to somebody, and he said, “Oh, so-and-so is close to dying.”


I said, “Well, we’re all in the process. Join the line.” I guess some people are more in the front of the line, and some are a little further back in the line. But there is a line, and everybody is headed that way. That is the law of existence. And the law states: “You are here, but for a limited time.” And no one—no one—gets to change that law.

People say, “Oh, but there are cryogenics and all those things.” Excuse me, but this earth is made out of dust. The metal cylinder that holds the cryogenic agent and your head is made out of compressed dust. And the innate vulnerability of dust to return to the state of dust is tremendous. The miracle is not dust turning into dust. It is: How come it hasn’t already? That’s the miracle. Destruction should’ve happened a long time ago. I mean, all that needs to happen is for one small celestial body to head this way and get a little too close, and it will be pulled towards the earth. And when it does, it will obliterate this planet.

This dust is more fragile than a gold or silver leaf. Have you ever seen a silver leaf on a piece of paper? In India, they put them over dishes and foods. That silver is so delicate that, if you breathe the wrong way, it will just go all over the place. That is how delicate it is. And from this dust, many, many things have been created, like rocks and mountains.

I am here to tell you what I have been telling people all my life: Don’t let another day go by without being touched by the magic of what has been placed inside of you. Don’t let another day go by that is filled with doubt, anger, and confusion. Don’t let another day go by without feeling the fulfillment of this heart. It is possible to be fulfilled in this life. It is possible to be in peace. It is possible to be conscious. It is very, very possible.

— Prem Rawat